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Undercover for the Animals.

Lady Freethinker’s undercover investigations expose the hidden realities animals suffer through on a daily basis. We are a voice for those who cannot speak out for themselves.
LFT Investigates

Heartbreaking Cruelty in Vietnam’s Dog and Cat Meat Trade

A shocking new Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation into dog and cat meat markets in Hanoi, Vietnam reveals animals trembling in fear and violently slaughtered in front of each other.

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LFT Investigates

Lady Freethinker Exposes Foxes and Raccoon Dogs Crammed into Wire Cages & Skinned Alive on Fur Farms in China

A shocking new Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation in partnership with local Chinese organization Paws of China reveals that foxes and raccoon dogs are crammed into tiny, wire cages, pulled out of enclosures using iron tongs or metal poles, or yanked by their sensitive tails, and skinned alive on fur farms in China.

LFT Investigates

Appalling Conditions for Orangutans at Thai Zoos

A new Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation into Thai zoos reveals appalling conditions for orangutans, including the animals biting and clinging to the metal cage bars of their small enclosures, eating trash, and being forced to perform in “orangutan boxing” matches and other exploitative shows.

LFT Investigates

Lady Freethinker Exposes Tigers Whipped and Chained at Thai Zoos

A new Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation into zoos in Thailand has documented big cats who were tightly chained by their necks to concrete slabs, whipped repeatedly, and had lighter flames forced under their nostrils so the animals would pose in cruel, forced photo opportunities for visitors.

LFT Investigates

Elephants Chained, Wounded, and Forced to Haul Tourists in India

A new investigation by Lady Freethinker reveals widespread abuse to elephants at tourist spots in India, including elephants with heavy chains around their necks and ankles, elephants forced to haul tourists on their backs for “entertainment,” and elephants with abscesses – or painful collections of pus.

LFT Investigates

Lady Freethinker Calls on Sumatran Officials to Stop All Illegal Transport of Dogs in Meat Trade

Investigators for Lady Freethinker returned to Sumatra and documented apparently sick, scarred, and emaciated dogs, some pregnant, being transported 17 hours for slaughter, getting yanked off a truck with a long snare pole, and then being shoved violently into burlap sacks that were tied shut.

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Animals Languishing in Filth at Cruel U.S. Live Markets



A Lady Freethinker investigation into live animal markets in New York and New Jersey reveals chickens, rabbits, cows, and others are suffering in feces-encrusted cages and enclosures waiting to be killed.

lft investigates

Elephants Stabbed, Chained, and Forced to Perform at Tourist ‘Attractions’ in Thailand

A Lady Freethinker investigation into elephant tourist ‘attractions’ in Thailand reveals widespread cruelty, including elephants being stabbed with nails, chained in their own waste, and forced to perform unnatural and demeaning ‘tricks’ in front of loud crowds.

lft investigates 

Dogs and Wild Animals Are Suffering in Sumatran Live Markets

A Lady Freethinker investigation into dog meat markets and wet markets in Sumatra, Indonesia—covered by Newsweek— exposes rampant cruelty to dogs, turtles, birds, and other animals, who are killed needlessly and violently for food.

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Dog Meat Auction House of Horrors.

In the brutal heat of the Bok Nal “Dog Eating Days,” a Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigator went undercover to capture footage and images of captive dogs sold at what is likely the largest remaining dog meat auction in South Korea: Nakwon Auction House, in the city of Namyangju.

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Cruel PA Wildlife Killing Contest Pays Out $6,000+ for Massacred Coyotes

Bounty hunters armed with high-tech call devices, dogs, and high-powered firearms lured, chased, and then shot at least 34 coyotes during a recent three-day killing spree incentivized by cash prizes and gun giveaways during the 19th Annual Sullivan County Hunt in Pennsylvania, documented by an undercover investigator for Lady Freethinker.

animal cruelty on youtube

LFT discovered more than 1 billion views for roughly 2,000 videos glorifying animal cruelty.

A Lady Freethinker investigation, featured in The Guardian, found that YouTube promotes animal cruelty with shocking frequency on its platform, failing to identify and remove the abusive content.

lft investigates

Tigers Suffer as Selfie Props at Zoos in the Philippines

A Lady Freethinker investigation into five zoos in the Philippines reveals widespread cruelty and abuse. Malnourished big cats lived in filthy and inadequate enclosures and animals of several other species — including macaques, civets, a sun bear, and orangutans — demonstrated symptoms of zoochosis, or extreme psychological distress.


South Korea’s largest dog meat auction has shuttered its operations, following a Lady Freethinker (LFT) undercover investigation and relentless protesting from partner organization Save Korean Dogs. The Nakwon Auction House is now closed, and all of the dogs have been removed from its premises, officials with the city of Namyangju said via press release.

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The World’s Cruelest Coffee.

What’s in a cup of luwak coffee? Cruelty by the ounce, exposed by a Lady Freethinker investigation into the treatment of civet cats, or luwaks, who are force-fed coffee beans so their excrement can be made into the most expensive coffee in the world.

lft investigates

LFT Witnesses Wild Horses Killed at Cruel Helicopter Roundup

A Lady Freethinker observer bore witness to wild horse killing as a result of cruel wild horse roundups conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Our observer was told by the agency that the wild horses (who survive the traumatizing ordeal) are shipped first to a ranch nearly 40 miles away, then endure further travel to a long-term holding facility elsewhere. View the report and urge the BLM to stop the cruel roundups now.

lft investigates

Mason Elephant Park: Paradise of Prison?

Mason Elephant Park and Lodge in Bali, Indonesia is cruel to elephants, a Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation reveals. After visiting the park in December 2019 and February 2020 — just before the coronavirus shutdown — LFT’s investigator documented abuses such as: chained-up elephants, use of bullhooks, abusive washing tactics, zoochosis, and more.

valley of dog meat

Rows of filthy, rusted metal cages holding up to 1,000 dogs doomed for slaughter.

In a groundbreaking investigation, Lady Freethinker teamed up with Save Korean Dogs to capture the first known footage of a cruel dog meat farm run by South Korea’s Dog Farmers Association. Located in Gimpo, an area known as the “Valley of Dog Meat,” the commercial, factory-style farm is fully legal, but operating behind closed doors — until now.


LFT Investigation Nets Chile’s Strongest Ever Sentence For Animal Cruelty.

Lady Freethinker’s investigation into a cruel dogfight breeding facility has led to an unprecedented victory for the animals: For the first time in Chile’s history, a judge issued the maximum possible sentence for animal abuse under new laws, sending the message that cruelty to animals will no longer be tolerated. And for the first time in the country, the court barred an offender from ever having an animal again.

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