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Lady Freethinker’s undercover investigations expose the hidden realities animals suffer through on a daily basis. From dogfighting operations in Chile and dog meat auction houses in South Korea to cruel elephant parks and horrifying civet farms in Bali, we are speaking out for those who can’t speak out for themselves. We are a voice for the voiceless. 

Expose Cruelty

In South Korea, our cameras caught the first-known footage of a notorious dog meat farm in Gimpo. In Bali, we exposed the use of bullhooks and chains at the Mason Elephant Park. In Namyangji, undercover footage showed hundreds of dogs sold for their meat at the Nakwon auction house. Our investigations matter for all animals.



We can’t do any of this without our dedicated and compassionate supporters, who have signed our petitions millions of times. From hand-delivering our petition to end the dog meat auction house — with the help of local partner Save Korean Dogs — to urging TripAdvisor to stop promoting cruelty to defenseless civet cats, our petitions influence policymakers, law enforcement, corporations, and more.

Create Change

When harsher laws are created because people refuse to remain silent over animal cruelty, long-lasting change is made. When animal abusers are sentenced to prison time, future abusers think twice about their potential crimes. When corporations stop promoting products that harm animals, new industry standards are set for years to come. Help us make significant change.

Exposing Animal Cruelty

Our Investigations

Animal Cruelty on YouTube

A Lady Freethinker investigation, featured in The Guardian, found that YouTube promotes animal cruelty with shocking frequency on its platform, failing to identify and remove the abusive content.

LFT discovered more than 1 billion views for roughly 2,000 videos glorifying animal cruelty.

Dog Meat Auction House of Horrors

In the brutal heat of the Bok Nal “Dog Eating Days,” a Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigator went undercover to capture footage and images of captive dogs sold at what is likely the largest remaining dog meat auction in South Korea: Nakwon Auction House, in the city of Namyangju.

VICTORY! South Korea’s largest dog meat auction has shuttered its operations, following a Lady Freethinker (LFT) undercover investigation and relentless protesting from partner organization Save Korean Dogs. The Nakwon Auction House is now closed, and all of the dogs have been removed from its premises, officials with the city of Namyangju said via press release.  

The World’s Cruelest Coffee

What’s in a cup of luwak coffee? Cruelty by the ounce, exposed by a Lady Freethinker investigation into the treatment of civet cats, or luwaks, who are force-fed coffee beans so their excrement can be made into the most expensive coffee in the world.

An LFT investigator visited multiple luwak coffee venues in Bali, Indonesia, and documented the horrifying conditions of captive civet cats, such as: cruel “luwak coffee tours,” filthy barren-wire cages stacked on top of one another, and more.

Mason Elephant Park: Paradise or Prison?

Mason Elephant Park and Lodge in Bali, Indonesia is cruel to elephants, a Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation reveals. After visiting the park in December 2019 and February 2020 — just before the coronavirus shutdown — LFT’s investigator documented abuses such as: chained-up elephants, use of bullhooks, abusive washing tactics, zoochosis, and more.

The Valley of Dog Meat

In a groundbreaking investigation, Lady Freethinker teamed up with Save Korean Dogs to capture the first known footage of a cruel dog meat farm run by South Korea’s Dog Farmers Association. Located in Gimpo, an area known as the “Valley of Dog Meat,” the commercial, factory-style farm is fully legal, but operating behind closed doors  — until now.

LFT’s footage reveals row after row of filthy, rusted metal cages holding up to 1,000 dogs doomed for slaughter. The farmland property was well hidden behind metal walls and decaying tarps. The conditions were deplorable — a literal hell on earth for the captive dogs.

Chilean Dogfight Breeding Facility

Lady Freethinker’s investigation into a cruel dogfight breeding facility has led to an unprecedented victory for the animals: For the first time in Chile’s history, a judge issued the maximum possible sentence for animal abuse under new laws, sending the message that cruelty to animals will no longer be tolerated. And for the first time in the country, the court barred an offender from ever having an animal again.

Investigative success stories


Our animal cruelty investigation influenced the strongest sentence for dogfighting in the history of Chile, including a life-long ban on the prepetrator ever having animals again.


With millions of signatures from our dedicated supporters, our petitions fight back against horrifying animal cruelty. From dogfighting to wild animal circuses, we’re influencing meaningful and long-lasting change.

Saving Animals’ Lives

Our investigations and petitions save animals’ lives. Whether we’re influencing policymakers and law enforcement or actively rescuing dogs and cats from the brutal meat trade, the animals are always our number one priority.

Ending Animal Cruelty

Lady Freethinker is 100 percent committed to ending all animal cruelty. Through our investigations and petitions, we will continue fighting every day to make the world a more compassionate place for all.

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