Lady Freethinker is a registered nonprofit media organization with the goal of achieving a free and compassionate world — for all species.

We are a small but growing organization, with millions of people reading and adding their voice to help protect the rights of animals, humans and the planet. Every day, our dedicated team of writers, editors and activists publish breaking news and impactful actions — like petitions — to¬†expose and end abuse while compelling others to treat the Earth and every living creature with kindness and respect.

We also directly aid animals in desperate need of help, like supporting rescue from the brutal dog and cat meat trade, in which pets are stolen from their families, tortured and killed.

LFT holds the core belief that through our voice and our actions, we can evolve into a fair, peaceful and flourishing world for human and non-human animals.

Thank you for participating. Together, we can create a compassionate future for all.

Nina Jackel Photo~Nina Jackel, Founder, Lady Freethinker