Animal Rights Victories & Updates

Lady Freethinker’s investigation into a cruel dogfight breeding facility has led to an unprecedented victory for animals: for the first time in Chile’s history, a judge issued the maximum possible sentence for animal abuse under new laws, sending the message that cruelty to animals will no longer be tolerated. And for the first time in the country, the court barred an offender from ever having an animal again.

For more stories about people saving animals, see our articles about animal rights updates and victories below.

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Through undercover investigations and online petitions, Lady Freethinker seeks to save animals from abuse and neglect. Dogs nearly starved to death adopted into loving new forever homes; chimpanzees barely escaping having their homes chainsawed to the ground; countries around the world banning the cruel wildlife trade -- these are only a few of the inspiring animal rights articles we’ve written. And it’s always a pleasure to report on people saving animals together through heroic acts of activism.


Animal Rights Success Stories

Victims of animal cruelty deserve justice, and animal rights activists work hard to ensure they get it. When animal abusers are sentenced for their crimes, Lady Freethinker strives to keep you updated. . Whether it’s a global victory like ending the dog meat trade or a local victory like passing stronger state-wide animal cruelty legislation, it deserves to be celebrated. Through our animal rights articles, we keep our supporters informed about how their donations and signatures are creating a more compassionate world for all.

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