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At Lady Freethinker, saving animals is what we work for every day. We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fighting animal exploitation and seeking justice for abused and neglected animals of all species— from the dogs and cats we call family to the billions of pigs, chickens and cows suffering on factory farms.

As a media organization combatting animal cruelty, we give a voice to those who cannot speak out for themselves, and work tirelessly to build a more compassionate world. Through undercover investigations, global and local petitions, news stories, and informative interviews, we are changing the way the world sees and treats animals for the better.

Lady Freethinker Progress Report 2020

LFT’s Urgent Need Fund Saves Animals’ Lives

Lady Freethinker is committed to saving animals’ lives with our new Urgent Need Fund, which helps small rescue groups with critical care. From unforeseen veterinary bills to planned medical needs, we aim to ensure rescuers have the means to carry out their important work. To learn more or apply, click here.

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Lady Freethinker Progress Report 2020


With over 15 million petition signatures, Lady Freethinker’s campaigns against animal abuse are making the world a safer place for our nonhuman companions. From saving animals in the global dog and cat meat trade to garnering the strongest animal cruelty sentence for dogfighting in Chilean history, our petitions create real, long-lasting change—all with the simple click of a button.

Stay informed about how your actions are helping animals with updates on victories, police actions, prosecutions, and protection laws.

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News & Animal Activist Interviews

In addition to protecting animals from abuse and neglect, Lady Freethinker keeps you up to date on the latest animal welfare news. Our widely-read articles influence the way the world sees animals through informative interviews and up-to-date studies and research.

At LFT, we love collaborating with animal nonprofits around the world.Our goal is to create an open and honest dialogue, educate the public, and inspire action. We accomplish this through sharing breaking stories and interviews, and highlighting expert perspectives from animal advocates, legislators, and more.


Recent Victories & Updates

At Lady Freethinker, we know how important saving animals is to you. And we want to share our joy and excitement with you when progress is achieved. That’s why we update and share the results of our petitions.

You deserve to know the impact your support has on animals’ lives.

Strongest Animal Cruelty Sentence in Chilean History!

After a Lady Freethinker investigation into a cruel breeding facility and dogfighting operation in Chile, a judge issued the first-ever maximum animal cruelty sentence under new laws, the longest in Chilean history.

And for the first time, a Chilean judge barred an offender from ever having animals again.

This shows the power investigations and petitions have when it comes to saving animals.

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Providing Direct Aid with Your Help

As a nonprofit organization against animal cruelty, Lady Freethinker goes beyond petitioning local law enforcement and government officials. We provide direct aid to dogs, cats, and other animals in need.

We give badly-needed food, bedding, medical care, and more to dogs and cats saved from the streets and slaughterhouses around the world. And that’s all because of you.

Whether you’ve supported Lady Freethinker through a one-time donation or subscribe to our monthly Activists’ Circle, thank you. Your support is making the world a more compassionate place for all.

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Investigations & CAMPAIGNS

Our anti-animal cruelty organization’s investigations expose the cruel realities that defenseless animals face every day. From filming the first-known footage of a commercial dog meat farm in Gimpo, South Korea to revealing the sickening secrets of the kopi luwak coffee trade, our nonprofit goes undercover for animals to ensure that cruelty is not kept hidden behind closed doors.

Lady Freethinker investigations have put the pressure on government officials, corporate companies, and local law enforcement departments to hold animal abusers accountable for their crimes.


Act Today

Lady Freethinker’s mission is saving animals, but we can’t do it without you. Whether it’s through signing and sharing a petition, supporting our investigations, or becoming a monthly donor, you have the chance to make the world a more compassionate place for animals.

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Lady Freethinker is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN #
47-4213802. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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