We are transforming the way the world treats animals.

Lady Freethinker is a voice of compassion working to end cruelty to all sentient beings. Together, we are evolving toward a world where human-caused suffering is a thing of the past.

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We are igniting a compassionate movement against animal abuse.

LFT is working to expose and stop animal cruelty through investigative reporting and other media, citizen petitions, and partnerships with rescuers and activists on the ground worldwide. We believe that by changing the norms and policies that allow cruelty, we can end human-caused suffering of all species — from the dogs and cats we call family to the billions of pigs, chickens and cows suffering on factory farms, to the human animals who need our help. We believe that creating systems that protect us all, regardless of species, is the key to building a free and compassionate world for generations to come.

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Lady Freethinker Calls on Sumatran Officials to Stop All Illegal Transport of Dogs in Meat Trade

Investigators for Lady Freethinker returned to Sumatra and documented apparently sick, scarred, and emaciated dogs, some pregnant, being transported 17 hours for slaughter, getting yanked off a truck with a long snare pole, and then being shoved violently into burlap sacks that were tied shut.

LFT Investigates

Elephants Chained, Wounded, and Forced to Haul Tourists in India

A new investigation by Lady Freethinker reveals widespread abuse to elephants at tourist spots in India, including elephants with heavy chains around their necks and ankles, elephants forced to haul tourists on their backs for “entertainment,” and elephants with abscesses – or painful collections of pus.

LFT Investigates

Neglect, Abuse, and Appalling Conditions for Puppies and Dogs in Pennsylvania’s Unlicensed Kennels

A Lady Freethinker investigation found that puppies and dogs in Pennsylvania are suffering in filthy barns, backyards, and cramped kennels at the hands of unlicensed breeders and dealers.


LFT Investigates

Animals are Languishing in Filth at Cruel U.S. Live Markets

A Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation into live animal markets in New York and New Jersey reveals chickens, rabbits, cows, and others are suffering in feces-encrusted cages and enclosures waiting to be killed.


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LFT Partners with ChainFree Knoxville to Help Cold and Lonely Outdoor Dogs

Lonely dogs left chained outside 24/7 in Knoxville, Tennessee, received much-needed love and attention recently thanks to Lady Freethinker and ChainFree Knoxville, a partnership that provided the animals with toys for play and straw bedding to help keep warm this winter.


LFT Investigates

Dogs and Wild Animals Are Suffering in Sumatran Live Markets

A Lady Freethinker investigation into dog meat markets and wet markets in Sumatra, Indonesia—covered by Newsweek— exposes rampant cruelty to dogs, turtles, birds, and other animals, who are killed needlessly and violently for food. 


LFT Investigates

Elephants Stabbed, Chained, and Forced to Perform at Tourist ‘Attractions’ in Thailand

A Lady Freethinker investigation into eight elephant ‘attractions’ in Thailand reveals widespread cruelty, including elephants being stabbed with sharp nails and bullhooks, chained on concrete in their own waste, and forced to perform in front of loud crowds.



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Look How You’re Changing the World for Animals!

Look How You’re Changing the World for Animals!

There's Hope When We Work Together We have two words for you: THANK YOU. Because of you, we've accomplished so much change for animals this year. It is only with your compassionate support that we’ve been able to achieve tremendous victories for dogs, cats, monkeys,...


Urge YouTube to remove content promoting or glorifying animal cruelty

Animal cruelty videos are being allowed to spread like wildfire to all corners of the internet as social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok continue to let it happen. We are calling on these social media giants to take action against this horrifying trend of animal abuse videos being permitted online.

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Annual Impact Report.

This has been a monumental year for Lady Freethinker and the fight against animal cruetly – all thanks to you, our compassionaite supporters. Find out more about our successes in the annual impact report below.

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