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Heartbreaking Cruelty in Vietnam’s Dog and Cat Meat Trade

A shocking new Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation into dog and cat meat markets in Hanoi, Vietnam reveals animals trembling in fear and violently slaughtered in front of each other.

LFT’s investigator made several visits to Huu Hung St, Thu Y Street in the Hoai Duc District, and restaurants in the city center, and found extreme suffering of dogs and cats.

Footage from LFT’s investigation reveals:


  • Dogs struggling as they were pulled by the neck from crowded cages and clubbed over the head repeatedly before being tossed into a heap of bodies and left to suffer
  • Cats wearing collars – suggesting they were stolen companion animals
  • Dogs trembling in fear as dog corpses were deboned, drained of blood, cooked by flame, or boiled in front of them
  • A dog appearing to bark for help as blood from the meat being processed above them dripped onto their face
  • Piles of cooked dog and cat bodies for sale (with teeth, paws, tails, and other body parts still visible) in front of cages of live dogs and cats
  • Metal tongs, knives, buckets of fur, and receptacles for dead dogs near the cages of live animals
  • Animals with wire, cloth, or plastic wrapped around their necks
  • Dogs who appeared ill and suffering wounds or abrasions

Suffering Horrific Fear and Violence

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Dogs visibly shook in fear and huddled together for comfort in cages where they waited to be slaughtered. Investigators documented dogs butchered in front of each other. Dog meat was processed on top of the cages of trembling dogs, with blood dripping onto the faces of the dogs waiting to be killed. Dog and cat corpses were cooked and piled up for sale in view of live animals, leaving dogs and cats fully aware of the violent end they were soon to suffer.

Stolen From Loving Homes

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Cats were seen wearing collars. Many of the dogs and cats in the dog meat trade are likely stolen companion animals who trusted humans and had loving homes where they are missed.

Painfully Beaten Before Slaughter

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Terrified dogs were grabbed by the neck with long metal tongs and then bludgeoned over the head repeatedly with a giant club while restrained. One dog – who was clubbed over the head repeatedly and then tossed into a bin – appeared stunned or paralyzed. The dog took multiple labored breaths while appearing to die slowly on top of two other dogs’ bodies. 

It’s Time To End This Cruel Trade For Good

Harangi Elephant Camp & Tree Park

Dogs and cats are sensitive and intelligent animals who deserve better than this.

This investigation follows S. Korea’s recent ban on dog meat, and Lady Freethinker is calling on Vietnam to adopt similar legislation to end the cruel industry. Banning the trade could save millions of innocent dogs and cats from a gruesome death each year.

Sign this petition to urge officials both in the city of Hanoi and the entire nation of Vietnam to pass legislation banning the brutal dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam permanently.

LFT Dog and Cat Meat Trade Investigation Images

(Lady Freethinker Investigation/Aaron Gekoski)

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