Animal Welfare News

Lady Freethinker keeps you up to date on the latest animal welfare news, exposing animal cruelty and empowering everyone to take action.  Understanding how animals are harmed in medical tests, exploited for food and entertainment, and abused by their own caretakers enables us to make informed decisions about how our actions affect the creatures who share our planet. As a nonprofit animal rights organization, Lady Freethinker (LFT) reports on all animal-related topics. Whether you’re looking for the latest animal cruelty news or heartwarming stories about everyday heroes or organizations that help animals, we have you covered.


Feel-Good Stories

Animal activism can be hard. With all the latest animal cruelty news circulating the internet, it's sometimes difficult to step back and feel good about your efforts. At Lady Freethinker, we recognize how important it is to highlight heartwarming stories about successful dog and cat adoptions, inform readers about new bills and laws that protect pets and wildlife, show the progress of organizations that help animals, and provide updates when animal abusers are prosecuted for their crimes. A better, more compassionate future is possible, and these stories are proof.

Keeping You Informed

Staying on top of the latest animal cruelty news takes effort. At Lady Freethinker, we do it for you and also provide updates to our investigations and petitions.  Whether our undercover investigation exposes blatant animal cruelty or our petition helps convince prosecutors to deliver justice to an abused dog, you’ll know. That’s our commitment to transparency and creating real, long-lasting change.

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