Dogs Dismembered and Sold for Meat at Indonesia Wet Markets, Despite Ban


YouTube Sued Over Animal Abuse Videos, Accused of Not Enforcing Ban

Rescue Flight Helps 21 Dogs — Including Puppies Saved from Slaughterhouse Truck — Find Love

One of South Korea’s Largest Dog Meat Auction Houses Closes After Investigation

How fake animal rescue videos have become a new frontier for animal abuse

People Buy Custom Baby Monkey Torture Videos on World’s Worst Forum

Kittens and puppies fed to snakes & alligators on YouTube for clicks moments before being rescued by sick tormentors

YouTube must remove videos of animal cruelty, says charity

Tigers, lions and monkeys found ‘chained, underweight and stressed’ in Philippines zoos

Cruel, Fake Animal Rescue Videos Still Prevalent on YouTube, Report Finds

Dogs and humans live among the gravestones in Pasay cemetery, Philippines – a photo essay

On YouTube, you’re never far from a dying kitten

Hundreds of dogs are seen crammed into tiny cages as they are ‘sold to be slaughtered at South Korea’s largest dog meat auction house’

World’s Most Expensive Coffee is Animal Cruelty in a Cup


Urge the Food and Drug Administration to End Cruel Animal Testing and Research!

Humanity is getting increasingly serious about enforcing animal rights protections across the globe

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