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Foxes and Raccoon Dogs Crammed into Wire Cages & Skinned Alive on Fur Farms in China

A shocking new Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation in partnership with local Chinese organization Paws of China reveals that foxes and raccoon dogs are crammed into tiny, wire cages, pulled out of enclosures using iron tongs or metal poles, or yanked by their sensitive tails, and skinned alive on fur farms in China.

Investigators visited 4 farms in China, and witnessed thousands of animals – some with crusty, watery eyes –  terrified in their barren enclosures as they waited to be violently killed. 

Images from LFT’s investigation reveal:


  • A skinned fox who was documented blinking and moving his or her jaw, meaning the animal had been skinned while still alive and conscious.
  • A fox who lashed around while being skinned by a worker.
  • Piles of bloody fox carcasses on the ground.
  • Animals pulled from enclosures by workers who used a metal pole or iron tongs. Others were yanked by their tails.
  • Animals pacing in their filthy wire enclosures.
  • Terrified animals cowering in the backs of their cages.
  • Foxes crammed in small cages and thrown into the back of a truck where they were stacked on top of each other.

Animals in Tiny, Barren, Wire Cages

cow in barn
Investigators documented terrified foxes and raccoon dogs at several fur farms in rows of wire cages. Many paced back and forth or hid in the backs of their cages, desperate to get away. Others were documented with crusty, runny eyes.

Violently Pulled From Cages

orangutan boxing
Investigators witnessed workers pulling the terrified animals out of their enclosures using a metal pole or iron tongs. Others were pulled out by their sensitive tails. Then, they were crammed into cages filled with other animals, and transported to be killed. Some were killed onsite, whereas others were transported off site to be skinned in public view at an outdoor fur market.

Animals Skinned Alive

Harangi Elephant Camp & Tree Park

Before being skinned, the animals were reportedly clubbed over the head repeatedly in an attempt to stun them. This technique may leave animals immobilized — or unable to move — but not dead. It was also inconsistent.

Investigators documented one fox being skinned by a worker. The animal lashed around as the skin was pulled from his or her body. Another fox who had been skinned continued to show movement – blinking and moving his or her jaw – for at least 5 minutes after being killed.


The Torture Must End

Harangi Elephant Camp & Tree Park
Foxes and raccoon dogs are sensitive and intelligent animals who don’t deserve to be crammed into wire cages and violently killed for fur. With so many alternatives to animal fur existing today that don’t cause animals to suffer and die, there is absolutely no excuse for this torture and violence.

This is a global issue, as China is the world’s biggest producer of animal fur, and is the largest exporter of fur worldwide — including to the United States.

Please sign our petition today urging retailers around the world to stop selling animal fur and remember to leave all animal furs, skins, and feathers out of your wardrobe.

LFT China Fur Farm Investigation Images:

orangutan investigation
Elephant wound
Elephant chained
Abscess on elephant
chained elephant
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