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Illegal Icheon Dog Meat Auction Exposed


During an undercover operation in May and June 2021, Lady Freethinker investigators gathered video and photographic evidence of dozens of dogs in cramped, metal cages at an illegal dog meat auction house in Icheon, S. Korea.

Helpless dogs can be seen struggling to escape as workers lift them off their paws and into the air with a rope around their neck and throw them into cages for transport.

The facility has the capacity to hold an estimated 200 animals. Sign the petition to urge officials to shut this horrific dog meat auction down!

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9:00 AM

The LFT investigator arrives on-site at the dog meat auction house. Most of the rows of numbered, metal dog cages are empty. There are spots available for up to 200 dogs at the facility.

12:00 PM

Trucks filled with dogs in cages start pulling into the dog meat auction house. Workers meet the truck drivers and pull the dogs out of the cages by their necks. They’re loaded into the empty cages on-site.

2:30 PM

The auction officially opens, and trucks with empty cages arrive. Dogs are purchased during the auction. Later, the dogs are yanked out of the cages on-site and forcefully loaded into the new trucks, likely on their way to slaughter.


Illegal Operations

monkey soaked in coca cola for YouTube

The dog meat auction house in Icheon, S. Korea is operating illegally for two reasons:

  1. There are no required waste treatment facilities on-site
  2. The area in which it’s located is zoned for agriculture, not commericial activities

In addition to the cruel conditions dogs are enduring at this facility, these two violations are all the more reason to shut down the Icheon dog meat auction house.

No one deserves to profit on the suffering of animals.

“It’s truly saddening to see this illegal facility still operational and selling dogs like products under the radar. Dogs deserve free space and loving homes with people who care, not cramped imprisonment or cruel slaughter. We implore the City of Icheon to close this facility down now, as any delay in action could solidify the auction house’s opportunity to run their unlawful business during the horrific Bok Nal Dog Eating days in July and August.”

Nina Jackel

Founder of Lady Freethinker

Bok Nal Dog Eating Days

During the brutal Bok Nal ‘Dog Eating Days,’ up to a million defenseless dogs are slaughtered for meat each year.

Bok Nal marks what are supposed to be the three hottest days of the year every July and August in South Korea. Boshintang, or dog meat soup, is thought to heal and cool the body during the blazing summer months.

Most of the victims of this horrible practice come from dog breeding facilities, as South Korea is the only country in the world to allow for commercial, large-scale dog farming.

monkey soaked in coca cola for YouTube

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