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Check out these 7 simple things you can do to help animals today!

Sign Lady Freethinker’s Life-Saving Petitions

Lady Freethinker petitions allow anyone to help animals with a single click.  Our petitions urge law enforcement to hold animal abusers accountable for their actions, encourage government bodies to enact policies that protect animals, and call on companies to end abusive practices. Your signature makes a difference!!

Share Lady Freethinker’s News and Investigations with Your Friends and Family

Lady Freethinker works to expose cruelty to animals through our groundbreaking reporting and undercover investigations, to help make positive change. In fact, South Korea’s largest dog meat auction shuttered its operations following a Lady Freethinker undercover investigation, and another of our investigations netted Chile’s strongest ever sentence for cruelty to animals. The more you share, the more we can raise awareness and help save animals’ lives. 


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Go Cruelty-Free

Animals used for food, experiments, entertainment, and clothing suffer immensely. The good news?You have the power every day to make simple changes and swaps to help them. 

Choose delicious vegan foods that don’t contribute to animal suffering, and always check household products, cosmetics, and toiletries to ensure they’re not tested on animals. While shopping, stay away from products made from leather, fur, angora, wool, feathers—and anything else made from animals—and opt for fashionable and kind vegan clothing instead. Look for “all man-made materials” on the tag, or for fabrics made from cotton, spandex, nylon, linen, hemp, bamboo, and even pineapple. We can all help animals exploited and abused for entertainment, too, by never buying a ticket to marine animal parks, roadside zoos, and circuses that torture and abuse animals.

Work to Get Tethering and Chaining Banned in Your City or Town

Dogs are social animals who suffer—and sometimes die—when they’re forced to live at the end of a chain. It’s hard for humans to imagine being chained up outdoors 24/7, including on sweltering summer days and during bitter cold nights. Sadly, that is the reality for chained dogs, who often aren’t given adequate food, water, shelter, or veterinary care, either. 

You can help chained dogs today by contacting your policymakers and urging them to pass legislation to ban chaining and tethering. You can also raise awareness by sporting LFT’s ‘Break the Chain’ tee, by promising to never leave a dog chained or tethered, and by sharing the pledge with your friends and family.

Be a Leader in Your Community

Using your voice is a great way to help animals. Urge a popular restaurant in your community to add a vegan option, and thank a boutique for selling faux fur instead of fur from skinned coyotes and rabbits. Urge local event venues to never host events that harm animals and thank a coffee shop when they don’t upcharge for plant-based milks. 

You can also be a leader for animals in your community by speaking out against businesses and companies that exploit them. Organize a peaceful demonstration outside a pet store that sells dogs, fish, birds, or reptiles from breeding mills, or hand out leaflets to people outside of a rodeo, letting them know how the animals suffer. Simple actions can go a long way in educating people in your community, and lets businesses know that abusing and exploiting others for profit is never acceptable.