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Russian Nerve Gas was Tested on Dogs First in Cruel, Deadly Experiments

Russian scientists systematically poisoned and killed over a thousand dogs to develop the military grade nerve agent recently used in an attack on a double-agent and his daughter in the UK. Evidence suggests these poor animals were subjected to painful and grossly inhumane treatment. From the 1970s to the early 1990s, Russian scientists were developing the formula for a group of nerve agents known as Novichok at the Chemical Research Institute near Nukus, Uzbekistan and at the Shikhany Institute in southeastern Russia. In the early 2000’s the United States was asked to help destroy these facilities. During the project, Andrew C. Weber,...

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Moby to Donate all Profits from New Album to Animal Rights Groups

Longtime animal rights activist, musician, and vegan celebrity Moby has announced that all profits from his latest album will go to animal rights groups. Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt was released on March 2, 2018 and is Moby’s 15th studio album. The musician says the new album explores who we are as a species, describing the album in an interview with Entertainment Weekly as an exploration of humanity as a paradox of light and dark, and that humans burn through resources although it doesn’t make us any happier. Of course, animal products are a large part of the resources...

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LEGO is Launching 100% Plant-Based Bricks

In its commitment to zero waste by 2030, Danish toymaker LEGO is launching plant-based bricks to be released this year. Opting for sugarcane polyethylene rather than oil-based plastic, LEGO will release new ‘botanical’ elements including trees, bushes, and plants as a symbol of going green. The sugarcane from which the bricks are constructed will be sustainably and ethically sourced according to the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance (BFA) and Bonsucro Chain of Custody (CoC) guidelines. Sustainability for LEGOis no small feat: “The LEGO Group believes a new sustainable material must have an ever-lighter footprint than the material it replaces across key...

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Wyoming Is About to Allow Trophy Hunting of Grizzly Bears – Your Action Needed

Less than a year after Yellowstone National Park grizzly bears were removed from the Endangered Species list, Wyoming is trying to kill 24 bears. “Grizzly bears have met or exceeded recovery objectives since 2003 and have long warranted delisting,” the Governor of Wyoming Matt Mead said shortly after the bears were delisted. “Thanks to the team effort, grizzlies will be managed appropriately by our experts at Game and Fish.” But in truth, the delisting of grizzlies was a poor decision that paves the way for trophy hunting of these amazing animals. And apparently, “managed appropriately” means implementing a grizzly bear...

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Emails Reveal True Motivation for Destruction of Bears Ear Monument — and No Surprise, It’s Oil

Last summer Lady Freethinker reported on the recommendation by the Trump Administration to shrink national monuments, including the contentious Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. Though the message to the public focused on considering all interests and sides of the public lands debate as well as state versus federal rights, it is now known that those things had very little involvement in the decision-making process. Thanks to a lawsuit by the New York Times, more information has been released on this decision, bringing to light the true motivation: oil and other natural resource extraction. 25,000 pages of emails released...

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Canada Is Investing $150 Million to Develop More Plant-Based Foods

Canada is upping its investment in plant-based protein, awarding $150 million of federal funding to a “Supercluster” of over 120 agricultural leaders, researchers, and other stakeholders over the next five years. The companies and institutions participating in the supercluster, dubbed Plant Industries Canada (PIC), have also raised around $400 million to aid the initiative. PIC was created in 2017 when the Canadian government challenged business leaders and innovators to create superclusters – collaborating stakeholders to help propel Canadian industry to the forefront. In the case of PIC, the goals are threefold: Allow Canada to surpass its competitors to become “second in...

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Fur Free Fashion is Major Trend at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion week showcases the hottest designers and the latest trends of the season.  This year, animal welfare was in the spotlight as A-list names are finally ditching cruel fur and leather. Fall collections have traditionally relied heavily on leathers and furs, and while some designers stuck to the archaic tradition, some of the biggest names in fashion have discontinued animal products in their new lines. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Botegga Veneta are among the biggest names to take a firm stance against the use of furs in their new looks.  This year’s event also marked the...

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Taiwan Moves to Save Their Beaches by Banning Plastic Bags and Straws

Taiwan is set to ramp up its fight against plastic waste. With an announcement last week, their Environmental Protection Department released a plan with targets for limiting and phasing out use of single-use plastic bags, straws, takeout containers, utensils, and cups. According to the plan, officials and civic groups estimate that by 2030 Taiwan will have a complete ban on all of these single-use plastics that are piling up on beaches and polluting the sea. The “Taiwan Marine Waste Management Action Plan” contains specific dates and a timeline for the phaseout of different varieties of single-use items. For instance free...

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