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Cop Rescues 10-Week-Old Puppy Trapped in Cardboard Box (VIDEO)

Found on the side of the road on a blistery hot day, this 10-week-old puppy was trapped hopelessly inside a cardboard box that someone had cruelly closed up. A good Samaritan freed the puppy from her scorching death chamber after spotting the box and checking inside (and kindly giving the parched pup some water). Then they alerted the police. When animal-loving Deputy Earl Hanners heard the call come in, he told them to cancel animal control — he would rescue the puppy himself. When he arrived at the scene, the puppy had not moved, and was lying listlessly next...

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With a Little Help, the Sick and Elderly CAN Keep their Beloved Pets

Imagine being too elderly and/or ill to properly care for your companion animal. You need your beloved pet more than ever as you battle health issues — and perhaps loneliness, too. Sadly, this is all too common for people in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice. Feeding, walking, litter sifting, and trips to the vet are beyond their scope of physical abilities. Fortunately, organizations around the country have mobilized to ensure the elderly and ill can continue living with their beloved animals and benefit from the comfort and love that they provide. Some of these groups also find homes for...

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Newborn Puppy Found Tangled in Grass is Nursed to Health – VIDEO

Taz the puppy was abandoned with his siblings, and found tangled up in tall grass. Thanks to Howl of a Dog Rescue, Taz was nursed to health and has grown into a strong, strapping dog (as seen in the time-lapse video above). He is sweet and playful, and loves to go for walks. All Taz needs now is a loving forever home. Although he is currently in Romania, adoption may be facilitated to the U.S., Europe and other regions. In fact, Taz’s brother Bernie was adopted by a family in England.¬†Click here to learrn how you can adopt Taz...

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Chinese Police Seize 500 Cats Meant To Be Sold To Restaurants

This week, a Chinese man was caught having lured and trapped 500 cats, all of whom he planned to sell to restaurants for meat. Identified by the name of Sun, the man was located and arrested after complaints of missing domestic cats were reported to the police. Coming upon the site in a village near the city of Jiujiang, authorities discovered a large number of the cats crammed into small cages in the bed of a truck, many weak and some dead from being trapped in the outdoor heat. Others, in similarly poor health, were found in a nearby...

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Video – Dog Finds Abandoned Kittens and Becomes the Perfect Foster Dad

Aragon was out for a walk with his human when something caught his attention — a box full of abandoned kittens that someone had simply left to fend for themselves. Sadly, the situation is all too common in Athens, Greece, where the video was filmed — but this time, the cats got a lucky break. Aragon led his human to the box of kittens, and has now taken on the role of doting foster dad while the kittens await their forever homes. Learn how to help at...

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Dog Hopelessly Trapped Inside Tree Rescued By State Troopers

Two off-duty Kentucky State Troopers were mowing a cemetery lawn last Thursday when they heard what sounded like barking coming from a forested area nearby. When they went searching, they discovered the source of the distress: a dachshund trapped inside the trunk of a tree, with just his little head sticking out of a small hole. Later identified as Rocco, the dog had apparently climbed into a nearby groundhog hole, which led to a cavity in the tree. Once stuck, Rocco was unable to get himself back out. After a few unsuccessful attempts to free Rocco, the troopers called...

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