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Turkey Now Has a Police Division Just For Tracking Online Animal Cruelty

The Turkish Police have set up a division in the department of cyber crime to monitor animal cruelty online. The division is charged with rooting out individuals who post images or videos of violence against animals. It is a first for the country, and an important step in fighting animal abuse. Stories of animal cruelty and neglect are all too common in Turkey. Stories range from a puppy drowned in glue to a house full of slaughtered dogs and frozen cats. In January 2017, Lady Freethinker shared a story of two Turkish men that posted photos of a dog they...

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VIDEO: Pup Can’t Stop Smiling After Vets Remove Piles of Hopelessly Matted Fur

One September evening, a stray puppy with a disabling amount of matted fur was dropped off at an open-access animal shelter. The disheveled dog, Holland, was scared and in extreme discomfort. Holland was soon taken under the care of the Trio Animal Foundation’s heroic veterinarians for emergency treatment. For her safety, vets sedated her for what proved to be an arduous surgical grooming session. To their pleasant surprise, they discovered only minor health issues as they tended to Holland. Aside from malnourishment, the pup’s biggest problem was skin damage consisting of various bruises, cuts, and splits. She also had...

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Having a Dog Makes You Live Longer, New Study Finds

Humans have been benefiting from their special relationship with dogs ever since their domestication. Many of those benefits are intuitively clear – dogs offer protection, companionship, and encourage their human friends to exercise when they play or go for walks. Now, scientific research shows dogs may do even more for their human companions. According to a Swedish study of over 3.4 million people that spanned 12 years, having a dog may help you live longer by reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Living with a dog may reduce your risk of cardiovascular...

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Video: Tiny Puppies Rescued After Getting Stuck in Rock-Solid Tar

 After investigating desperate cries for help heard next door, neighbours in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India discovered three tiny puppies in a critical situation. Trapped in tar that had hardened so much that they could not even move, these puppies couldn’t be saved by the neighbours who heard their cries. Instead, these kind people called in skilled rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited. Finding that they were unable to safely pull the puppies out from the rock-solid tar, rescuers worked quickly to remove the entire chunk of rock and tar from the ground in order to whisk these youngsters to safety....

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Tiny Puppy Hailed ‘Hero’ After Scaring Away Burglar

Those of us who have been unfortunate enough to return home to an open door or a smashed window understand the fear and upset of a break in. Fortunately for 25-year old Lori Malone, little Abel – a 12 inch tall shichon puppy – was around to save the day! While Lori was upstairs in her home in Dundee, Scotland, an intruder attempted to enter her house. After hearing Abel barking at someone, Lori ran downstairs to find a strange man leaving hastily through her kitchen door and Able standing guard. She said, “he has obviously opened the door...

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