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Chinese Police Bust Dog Meat Gang Caught Selling Stolen Pets for Slaughter

Within the belly of a Beijing workshop, police recently discovered 34 dogs huddled in cages awaiting their fate as a part of China’s underground dog meat trade. Just days before the bust, many of these dogs were living alongside their human companions as beloved family pets. News about missing family pets that we later found not to be runaways, but instead captives of gang members, is tragically common within the country. Several gang members in this recent bust have been arrested admitting that they used hooks and nets in order to quickly abduct dogs from area neighborhoods. Upon arriving...

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Dogs in India Are Turning Bright Blue – And the Reason is Scary

Dogs may naturally come in many colors — but bright blue is not one of them. So why are stray pooches in the Taloja industrial area of Mumbai, India turning up in this shocking hue? According to activists, the animals are being dyed by chemicals leached into the Kasadi river by a nearby factory. Not only do these chemicals dye the dogs‘ fur, but they’re reportedly also highly toxic. And not only do the dogs bathe in the water, but they drink it, too — so they’re ingesting the same chemical that turns their coat bright blue. According to...

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Behold: The Most Amazing Shelter Dog Makeover Contest!

This year, more than 20,000 dogs will undergo dramatic makeovers in the Dirty Dog contest, thanks to the partnership of Wahl’s pet shampoos and the Greater Good organization. Everyone is encouraged to vote for their favorite groomed dog, and the winning shelters will receive funding up to $5000! Shelters will not only be able to give the dogs the medical and grooming attention they need but will also help them find them a forever home. “While rescue organizations work tirelessly, many dogs aren’t getting properly groomed due to a lack of resources,” said Shay Moeller, pet product manager for...

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VIDEO: Stray Kitten Found on Road is Saved by Dogs in Very Unlikely Friendship

When the good people of Howl of a Dog rescue in Romania found a small kitten abandoned on the side of the road, they knew they wanted to take him in. But there was one problem…their home was already occupied by an assortment of rescue dogs. They took a chance, and it paid off. The kitty, now named Rilu, has become one of the pack, and follows the dogs wherever they go. Had these dogs not accepted Rilu, he would have faced an uncertain fate. They saved him by allowing him to share their home. We wish this beautiful...

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Victory! Cambridge Bans Sales of Commercially-Bred Dogs and Cats

After a year of debate, the city council of Cambridge, Massachusetts approved an ordinance banning the retail sale of commercially-bred cats, dog, amphibians, birds, reptiles, arachnids, hamsters, and gerbils on Monday. The ordinance will go into effect next year and is aimed at the commercial animal breeding industry, one known for inhumane and irresponsible behavior. It follows a similar law passed in Boston last year banning the retail sale of commercially bred cats, dogs and rabbits, along with a recently approved ordinance in Stoneham, Massachusetts banning the sale of cats and dogs from puppy and kitten mills. This sweeping ban is...

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