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VIDEO: Tiny Kittens Abandoned on Roadside Now Have the Best Foster Dog ‘Dad’

Abandoned on the roadside, these tiny kittens were once covered in filth and infested with fleas. But their luck changed when the kind folks at Howl of a Dog rescued them from the streets and gave them a thorough bathing — as well as a place to call home. Soon, the kitties would met the rest of the family — large rescued dogs with which they would share their new digs. One dog, Safin, took an immediate liking to the pair. Safin has taken on the role of foster dad, cleaning and grooming the kittens just as Mom would...

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VIDEO: Stray Dog Crashes Wedding, Gives the Best Wedding Gift Ever

Matheus and Marília of Sao Paulo, Brazil had a beautiful outdoor wedding. Because it rained that day, the ceremony had to take place under a tent. But that did not stop the festivities, enjoyed by their human guests as well as one wedding crasher — a stray dog who snuck in to get out of the rain. The happy couple were not about to kick an innocent dog out of their joyous event, so they let him stay — and even decided they would take him home afterward. But by the end of the wedding, the mysterious dog had vanished. The couple searched everywhere for the canine wedding crasher, with no luck. But a week later, they heard the pup had been spotted nearby. They rushed over to reunite with the dog, who is now named Snoop and is a beloved member of the family. Who could have asked for a better wedding gift than...

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Facebook Post Leads to Rescue of 17 Dogs From Illegal Meat Trade

David Ialhruaitluanga, a resident of the Mizoram state in India, transformed from social media activist into real-life hero after he witnessed a suspicious truck full of dogs leaving Vairengte, and posted about the incident on Facebook. He took photos of the truck, including one with a clear view of the license plate number, and sent them to Ornella Pachuau, member of animal rights’ activist group Purr Paws Foundation.  Ialhruaitluanga had heard about the group’s recent dog rescue in September, in which 26 canines were saved from illegal meat trade in Mizoram, and hoped they could successfully save 17 more animals....

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Paul McCartney Calls to Free Greyhounds on Cruel ‘Blood Farm’

In Cherokee, Texas, a pet blood supply outfit called The Pet Blood Bank, Inc., and its distributer, Patterson Veterinary Supply, have been reprimanded by animal rights groups to stop farming the blood of discarded greyhounds. The issue was brought to light September 2017, when PETA exposed The Pet Blood Bank for horrific treatment of the dogs. In the facility, 150 greyhounds were found living in old chemical tanks, each in its own isolated, dirt-floored wired cage. Deprived of companionship, exercise, and even food and water, many of the dogs were in critical condition, found with severely overgrown toenails, dental disease,...

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VIDEO: A Drowning Dog’s Desperate Wish Comes True

When rescuers got the call, this dog was fighting for her life at the bottom of a deep well. Trying desperately to climb up the steep, slippery rocks, she had used up nearly all of her energy swimming for what may have been hours. But workers at Animal Aid Unlimited were not going to let her die. They rappelled down the rocks, caught the exhausted dog in a net and raised her safely back to dry land. Now she is safe and in good hands. Thank you, rescuers, for saving this dog’s...

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Meet the ‘Cat Cop’ Rescuing Felines on the Streets of Florida

The homeless pet epidemic is overwhelming. According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), over 6.5 million dogs and cats are put in animal shelters each year in the United States alone. Only half of these animals get adopted. While stray dogs are more often found and taken to shelters and put up for adoption, many homeless cats spend their entire lives roaming the streets; and since most are not spayed or neutered, kittens are constantly being born into the sad, stressful life. A Florida cop named Gretchen Byrne has taken matters into her...

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