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Dog Finds Way Back Home After Being Poisoned and Kidnapped by Dog Meat Dealers

A beloved pet dog in China who was stolen by thieves and destined for the dog meat industry had a very lucky escape and managed to find his way home to his relieved owner after being missing for several days. The dog’s guardian, Mr Xiao of Gaoping in Zhegiang Province, eastern China, said, “I didn’t expect it would come home again. I thought it lost forever.” Mr Xiao told Chinese news website that the family dog spent every night on the porch guarding his house, but when he woke up on the 12th of February his dog was...

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This Olympian Rescued A Dachshund Mix from S. Korea’s Dog Meat Trade

In a gold medal-worthy move for animal rights, Olympic figure skater Meagan Duhamel rescued Moo-tae, a miniature dachshund mix destined to be on someone’s dinner plate, from slaughter in S. Korea’s notoriously cruel dog meat trade. Last year while competing in PyeongChang at the Four Continents figure skating championship, Duhamel, an animal lover and vegan, met Moo-tae and took him home to Toronto. To say Moo-tae is adjusting well to his new life would be an understatement. Duhamel told the Associated Press that Moo-tae is “like a saint,” and “just wants to sit in everybody’s arms.” The rescue, organized...

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VIDEO: Dog Had Head Stuck in Plastic Jar for 3 Weeks Before Rescue

Cheeto the dog had a jar stuck on his head for three weeks before rescuers finally caught him. The heroic workers can be seen trying to remove the jar from his head in this suspenseful but touching video. When they couldn’t cut the jar off themselves, the rescuers took Cheeto to the vet, where he was finally freed. If Cheeto’s head had been stuck in the jar much longer, he likely would’ve suffocated to death. Thanks to the tireless efforts of his rescue team, he’s expected to make a full recovery. Much to the surprise of the crew who...

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Female Dog-Free Sled Team Shows Iditarod Mushers How It’s Done

In a historic achievement last month, a team comprised of six female British soldiers successfully became the first all female group to cross Antarctica on foot without the use of animals for assistance. Known as the Ice Maidens, these amazing women traversed 1,065 miles of dangerous, challenging landscapes, in temperatures that dropped as low as 40 degrees below zero. For 62 days, the Ice Maidens travelled around 43 kilometres a day, using only their skis and personal strength. Instead of relying on sled dogs, they pulled their own sledges piled high with equipment. Each sled weighed about 176 pounds. The...

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