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VIDEO: Dog Who Survived Blazing California Wildfire Reunites with Ecstatic Family

“Izzy’s here! Izzy made it!” The odds were against Izzy, a 9-year-old Bernese mountain dog, ever hearing those words of joy from Jack Weaver, whose family’s home was completely destroyed by California’s recent wildfires. The family had woken up in the middle of the night to find the neighborhood engulfed in flames. They ran out the door to escape, but Izzy, in a panic, ran the opposite direction and the family was unable to catch her. The family may have lost their house, but their sorrow was overshadowed by the happy surprise of returning home to find Izzy alive and...

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VIDEO: Gibbons in the Wild Vs. Captivity – Can You Hear it In Their Voice?

We may love to see amazing, exotic animals like gibbons up close, but how does it feel to be a gibbon trapped in a cage at the zoo? As this video from Elephant News reveals, you can hear the answer in their voice. The wild gibbon sounds strong, curious and free. The captive gibbon sounds desperate, bored and stressed. You can see the difference, too, as wild gibbons climb, leap and explore, and captive gibbons just cling to the fence and stare. How would you rather live?...

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Victory! California Becomes First State To Ban Sale of Animals from Puppy and Kitten Mills

California has made history by becoming the first state to prohibit the sale of animals from large breeding facilities. The law, AB 485, called The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, has been long fought for by animal activists, and people across the state are ecstatic about its implementation. Though private breeders will still be allowed to sell on their own, pet stores throughout the state will be required to obtain all cats, dogs, and rabbits from shelters and rescues. With over 250,000 dogs and cats admitted into Los Angeles Animal Services in the past year alone, the ban will bring relief...

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Hollywood Stars and Activists Show their Compassion at Last Chance for Animals Benefit Gala

More than 300 supporters joined animal advocacy group Last​ ​Chance​ ​for​ ​Animals​ (LCA) at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday for the organization’s 2017 benefit gala. This year’s event honored five compassionate individuals for their outstanding achievements in creating a better world for animals. Outspoken animal rights activist and philanthropist Philip​ ​Wollen​ received the Albert Schweitzer Award for his animal welfare work in over 40 countries. Jane​ ​Velez-Mitchell​,​ ​one of America’s most prominent spokespersons for animal rights, received the prestigious Sam Simon Award, named in honor of dedicated animal advocate and The Simpsons co-creator, the...

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VIDEO: Two Elephants Swept Out to Sea Rescued in ‘Mammoth Effort’

It may be hard to picture an animal as huge as an elephant being washed away to sea, yet this scary occurrence happens more often than you’d think. As the roaming pachyderms cross shallow ocean waterways, the tide sometimes sweeps in with great force, taking the jumbo creatures along for the ride. Elephants are highly capable swimmers, but still may have little chance of survival miles out to sea, where they can easily tire before making it back to shore. So thankfully when these two elephants were carried out into the ocean off Sri Lanka, the country’s navy was...

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Why Do We Love Some Animals and Eat Others?

Dogs are considered cherished family members, yet pig flesh is coveted as mouthwatering breakfast fare. While adorable cat videos go viral on the internet, T-shirts with diagrams of cows’ bodies with terms like ‘loin’ and ‘brisket’ are sold at clothing stores nationwide. Carnism, a term coined by Dr. Melanie Joy, is a concept that has intrigued her and others for years; it has been programmed into our minds to love and respect certain species, but kill others. Why exactly is that? What is the rationale behind this ideology? In her book Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear...

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