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Beluga Trapped in Shallow Waters Freed to Join His Pod in the Wild

After spending weeks trapped in shallow waters, experts are hopeful that a young beluga whale will soon reunite with his pod in the Atlantic Ocean. This remarkable animal traveled by land, air and sea before rescuers finally freed him. In recent weeks, the beluga was separated from his pod and drifted off-course. The whale was unfortunately trapped in the New Brunswick river for two weeks before being discovered and rescued. Sadly, the mammal’s skin was damaged, and grew thinner than is healthy for a beluga whale. The rescue mission was a complex operation where Scientists with GREMM, a marine mammal...

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With a Little Help, the Sick and Elderly CAN Keep their Beloved Pets

Imagine being too elderly and/or ill to properly care for your companion animal. You need your beloved pet more than ever as you battle health issues — and perhaps loneliness, too. Sadly, this is all too common for people in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice. Feeding, walking, litter sifting, and trips to the vet are beyond their scope of physical abilities. Fortunately, organizations around the country have mobilized to ensure the elderly and ill can continue living with their beloved animals and benefit from the comfort and love that they provide. Some of these groups also find homes for...

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These Two Rescued Cats Just Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other

Who says dogs are the affectionate ones? As Inside Edition reports, rescued cats Mori and Louie can’t bear to be apart. Following each other around and smothering one another in hugs and kisses, these two are about as affectionate as they can be. Though the cats are loving brothers now, it didn’t used to be this way. Mori was once the only cat, and initially gave Louie a less-than-enthusiastic welcome. But the pair grew close as time went by, and…well, you can see how adorably doting they are now....

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VICTORY – Gajraj the Elephant Rescued After 50 Years in Chains

Gajraj the elephant is finally free. For the past five decades, he had been kept in cruel confinement and severely abused as a “temple elephant” in India. His ivory tusks were sawed off. He was shackled and forced to stand on hard, man-made ground, leading to excruciating foot conditions. He had untreated abscesses and open sores, and has long displayed troubling behaviors related to severe stress. But thankfully, last week, after years of campaigns and calls for justice, Wildlife SOS transported Gajraj to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, India. PETA India made the travel arrangements, and also funded...

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Newborn Puppy Found Tangled in Grass is Nursed to Health – VIDEO

Taz the puppy was abandoned with his siblings, and found tangled up in tall grass. Thanks to Howl of a Dog Rescue, Taz was nursed to health and has grown into a strong, strapping dog (as seen in the time-lapse video above). He is sweet and playful, and loves to go for walks. All Taz needs now is a loving forever home. Although he is currently in Romania, adoption may be facilitated to the U.S., Europe and other regions. In fact, Taz’s brother Bernie was adopted by a family in England. Click here to learrn how you can adopt Taz...

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Pig Saved From Slaughter is Now an Amazing Artist – VIDEO

Pigcasso was one of the rare lucky ones. Destined for slaughter, she was rescued and adopted by the kind Joanne Lefson, who knows how smart and loving pigs truly are. As it turned out, Pigcasso has an extraordinary talent: painting. She is amazingly adept with the paintbrush, making swift strokes across the canvass to create eye-catching images. Sadly, millions of pigs just like Pigcasso are bred in warehouse conditions on factory farms, knowing only intense confinement and suffering before being sent to the slaughterhouse. Thankfully, Pigcasso survived, and is now able to delight the world with her talents....

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