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This Indian Temple is Sparing Elephants by Replacing them with Beautiful Wooden Jeevathas

Although elephants are endangered, it’s common to use them in rituals and processions in the state of Kerala, India. One local temple has decided to go against the grain, announcing at the start of February that they will use wooden structures called Jeevathas to take the place of elephants. Although the temple’s leaders cited safety concerns as the reason for their decision to stop using elephants, the decision is welcome for anyone who cares about elephant welfare. Elephants dressed in caparisons and paraded during festival Typically, elephants parade during a 7-day festival and are decorated with caparisons – an...

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Dog Finds Way Back Home After Being Poisoned and Kidnapped by Dog Meat Dealers

A beloved pet dog in China who was stolen by thieves and destined for the dog meat industry had a very lucky escape and managed to find his way home to his relieved owner after being missing for several days. The dog’s guardian, Mr Xiao of Gaoping in Zhegiang Province, eastern China, said, “I didn’t expect it would come home again. I thought it lost forever.” Mr Xiao told Chinese news website that the family dog spent every night on the porch guarding his house, but when he woke up on the 12th of February his dog was...

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VIDEO – ‘Frowny’ Street Cat Finally Smiles, Thanks to Rescuers

Meet Barney, a 6-year-old alley cat who was rescued on the streets of Montreal after surviving a harsh winter. In pretty bad shape, this kitty was taken straight to Chatons Orphelins Montreal for some much-needed medical care. As well as coping with parasites, ear mites and an eye infection, one of Barney’s ears was frozen and is now permanently folded. He also tested positive for FIV. Barney’s numerous battle scars and several missing teeth were evidence of his difficult life as a stray. Despite his rough condition, Barney was friendly and cooperative during treatment, greeting staff and volunteers with meows when...

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‘Hell’s Kitty’ Movie to Premiere at Chinese Theater in Hollywood to Benefit Cats

In a blend of horror and comedy, Hell’s Kitty, based on the original web series, tells the story of a man, Nick, and his cat named Angel whose inseparable bond leads the bloodthirsty feline into a spiral of possessiveness. This isn’t typical pet jealousy. Angel, who strays further and further from her namesake as the movie goes on, poses a deadly threat to Nick’s human companions as she resorts to gruesome strategies to maintain his affections. The film stars writer Nicholas Tana as Nick, and features appearances from legendary actors like Lee Meriwether (the original Catwoman), Dale Midkiff (Pet Sematary), Michael...

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Victory! USDA Rejects Cruel High-Speed Slaughter of Chickens

The National Chicken Council (NCC) recently presented the USDA with a new petition to legalize the cruel, reckless high-speed slaughter of poultry. As if the brutal process isn’t quick and profitable enough for Big Ag, with over 140 chickens murdered every minute, the NCC wants to increase the casualty rate permitted by law. With the massive number of live chickens hung upside down, dipped in electrified water, slit at the neck, and plunged into boiling water in a sixty second time span, many aren’t properly handled, resulting in botch chop jobs and sentient animals being boiled alive. Not only...

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New Study: Microplastics Pushing Sharks and Whales Toward Extinction

A new study reveals that oceanic megafauna such as whale sharks, baleen whales, and mobuild rays are endangered by microplastics. They are filter feeders, which means they don’t have teeth, but rather plates through which they strain food and water. Baleen whales and whale sharks are some of the largest animals in the world yet they feed on some of the smallest prey. As they skim the ocean, they also ingest large amounts of microplastics. Baleen whales include the Blue Whale and the Fin Whale; both listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List. For the study, scientists compared populations...

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