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With a Little Help, the Sick and Elderly CAN Keep their Beloved Pets

Imagine being too elderly and/or ill to properly care for your companion animal. You need your beloved pet more than ever as you battle health issues — and perhaps loneliness, too. Sadly, this is all too common for people in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice. Feeding, walking, litter sifting, and trips to the vet are beyond their scope of physical abilities. Fortunately, organizations around the country have mobilized to ensure the elderly and ill can continue living with their beloved animals and benefit from the comfort and love that they provide. Some of these groups also find homes for...

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These Two Rescued Cats Just Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other

Who says dogs are the affectionate ones? As Inside Edition reports, rescued cats Mori and Louie can’t bear to be apart. Following each other around and smothering one another in hugs and kisses, these two are about as affectionate as they can be. Though the cats are loving brothers now, it didn’t used to be this way. Mori was once the only cat, and initially gave Louie a less-than-enthusiastic welcome. But the pair grew close as time went by, and…well, you can see how adorably doting they are now....

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Video – Dog Finds Abandoned Kittens and Becomes the Perfect Foster Dad

Aragon was out for a walk with his human when something caught his attention — a box full of abandoned kittens that someone had simply left to fend for themselves. Sadly, the situation is all too common in Athens, Greece, where the video was filmed — but this time, the cats got a lucky break. Aragon led his human to the box of kittens, and has now taken on the role of doting foster dad while the kittens await their forever homes. Learn how to help at...

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Two Rescued Circus Lions Killed by Poachers in Brutal Sanctuary Break-In

Freed from the abuse. The torment. The arenas filled with crowds of on-lookers, bright lights, loud music, and trainers with whips. Freed from countless days of performing for human amusement. For rescued circus animals, the life meant by nature can be lived at an animal sanctuary. But for ex-circus lions José and Liso, a life of rest and peace was short lived, stolen by poachers who broke into the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary (EBCS) in South Africa last week, killing both lions before severing their bodies, most likely to sell the parts. According to nonprofit animal advocacy organization Animal Defenders International (ADI), the lions...

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Video: Cats go Nuts Seeing their Owners After a Long Time Apart

Dogs may have earned their reputation as loyal best friends, but don’t underestimate the love of an adoring feline family member. The cats in this compilation video just can’t control themselves when their owners finally return home after a long time away — and the affectionate leaps, meows and purrs prove that a cat can make a pretty great best friend, too....

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This Man Has Saved an Entire Village of Cats

By Brianna Acuesta,  first published on True Activist He calls his supporters his ‘angels.’ Credit: Uli Sharbinie In the beginning, Uli Sharbinie, a cat-lover living in Indonesia, was faced with the hard truth: rescuing all of the cats in his village was an impossible task. As the number of stray cats grew because they reproduced rapidly, causing his neighbors to deem them a nuisance and kill them in scores, Uli felt helpless but continued to feed them here and there, sometimes giving them natural remedies if they were sick. It wasn’t until Kristen Connelly, a woman in Oxnard, CA, came...

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