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Abandoned Cat, Rejected After Walking 12 Miles Back Home, Finally Has A Loving Family

After walking 12 miles to find the family that gave him away, only to be dumped at an animal shelter and slated for euthanization, a beautiful ginger cat named Toby has now found his forever home — and Internet fame! According to the Wake County SPCA, the fluffy seven-year-old feline initially was a stray cat that tried to insert himself into a local household, but did not get along well with the cats who already lived there. He was re-homed with a new family, but this didn’t suit the determined feline, who made the journey back to his old...

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Why Shelters Across the Nation Are Teaching Cats to ‘High Five’

Animal shelters across America are training their rescued cats to do tricks such as high fives and fist/paw bumps, in order to improve the cats’ lives and make them more attractive for adoption. Although learning tricks has traditionally been the domain of our canine friends, cat training is growing in popularity thanks to a program called Cat Pawsitive, launched by Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet. Cats who wind up in shelters are often fearful and traumatized, and even the most adaptive felines can find such a new environment highly stressful. The scene which...

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SIGN: Stop Killing Dogs and Cats Like Trash After Research Ends

14906 Signatures Collected Dogs and cats endure intense suffering for medical research. Held captive in isolated metal cages, they may be force-fed toxic chemicals, exposed to excruciating illnesses and forced into painful and invasive procedures. After months or years of misery, those who survive the experiments are typically euthanized and tossed away like trash. A new bill could help save these dogs’ and cats’ lives in the state of Rhode Island. the Research Animal Retirement Act would require research facilities to “make reasonable efforts” to find homes for adoptable dogs and cats retired from experimentation. No animal deserves to suffer in...

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VIDEO: Tiniest Kitten Gets Extra Love from Two Moms

Most cats discard the “runt” of their litter – but new mom Plop was not most cats. Plop made her tiniest baby, P, her first priority. When Plop picked the kittens up to move them for the first time, she took P first. Although P is now full-grown, the mother and daughter remain inseparable. Before P was born, Plop’s owner, Alex, found the stray cat circling her house and meowing at the windows and took her in. A few weeks later, Alex discovered that Plop was pregnant. The kittens came soon after; and, at first glance, nothing seemed different...

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Sick Kitten Thrown from Car Window Finds a Loving Home, Stars in a Storybook

Two years ago, a couple watched in horror as a tiny white kitten was ruthlessly thrown from a car window. The couple immediately rushed to the three-week-old kitten’s aid, picking her up and running for help. Today, that little white kitten is known as April, named after the month of animal abuse awareness. She survived the traumatic ordeal and now thrives in a loving home. April’s full recovery – and the happy life she has earned – is inspiring hope in animal lovers worldwide. April’s current owner, Joanna DeLuca, recalls the extent of neglect and abuse April had endured,...

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Black Cats Are Being Shunned Because they Don’t Look Good in Selfies

An animal shelter in the UK has reported a disturbing trend. Black cats are being passed over for adoptions because they don’t show up well in selfie and social media photos. The Moggery cat rescue center in Bristol, England is at the point of offering free spaying and neutering for black cats so there is less of a chance the shelter becomes even more overrun with kittens that cannot be adopted. The founder of the center, Christine Bayka, has noticed the black cat adoption problem growing worse over her 20 years running the shelter. In an interview with the...

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Dog Dies of Suffocation in Potato Chip Bag – Is Your Pet At Risk?

The dangers of used food packaging are in the spotlight after a much loved 5-month-old puppy died from suffocation after getting their head stuck in a potato chip bag last week. After discovering that their rescue dog had gone missing from the house, the worried  family in La Porte, Michigan, reported to local police that their dog was stolen. They checked local rescue centers, talked to neighbors and put out calls for help on social media. Sadly, they found the puppy deceased, in a room in the house that was seldom used. The dog had a discarded potato chip...

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VIDEO: Meet Patanga, the ‘Gadget Whiz’ Kitty Who Needs a Forever Home

Cuteness alert! Patanga, the “gadget whiz” kitty, is up for adoption through the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand. The 10-month-old black-and-white male is known around the shelter for his inquisitive personality and his passion for playing. He earned his nickname as the “gadget whiz” because he eagerly masters any and all of the shelter’s donated toys. Patanga loves humans just as much as he loves being a toy genius, and is usually the first cat to greet shelter visitors. Any prospective cat owner would be lucky to have this sweet and friendly boy, who’s never known the stability...

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