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Pizza Lovers, Rejoice! Pizza Hut Now Offers Vegan Cheese Across the UK

Pizza Hut has stepped into the modern era: every one of the fast-food giant’s locations in the UK will now offer vegan cheese as a topping. Following an overwhelmingly positive response to an initial vegan pizza trial, Pizza Hut will join chains such as Pizza Express and Zizzi in adding a dairy-free option to their menus. After years of practicing self-restraint and willpower, British vegans are finally able to sit back, relax and dig in to a hot pizza. “After an amazing customer response to our vegan cheese trial earlier this year, we’re pleased to announce that the dairy-free...

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New Research Shows Being Kind to Others is Good for You, Too

You know that feeling you get when you do something nice for someone? Well, according to science, those sweet little things you do — from opening the door for a stranger to volunteering at a homeless shelter — turn out to be good for you, too! Newly released research from global non-profit organization, in partnership with Oxford University, has found that being kind to others doesn’t just help the recipients, but actually boosts your overall wellbeing.   “Our studies, as well as similar studies by other labs, have investigated the effects of performing acts of kindness to other people, such...

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Visually-Impaired Staff Members Ensure Vegan Bakery Flourishes

Carina’s Bakery in Beaverton, Oregon, is gearing up for its grand opening later this month. Unlike most brand-new businesses, this unusual bakery is already up and running successfully, thanks to its founder Carina Comer and her staff members, all of whom are visually impaired. Carina, who is legally blind, has always had a passion for baking. She wanted to open a business that achieved two goals: to showcase the flavors of treats from her Scandinavian heritage, and provided a safe accessible workplace for people with disabilities. Carina and her employees run the bakery with the assistance of adaptive devices,...

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Check Out the World’s Newest Affordable 3D Printed House

Nikita Chen-yun-tai describes himself as “a man with a mania for automation.” His latest invention, created with San Francisco startup Apis Cor, is a mobile 3D printer that builds entire homes from scratch. Chen-yun-tai’s objective is to provide worldwide access to better housing. The 400-square-foot houses generated by his 3D printer are eco-friendly, efficient, and reliable, designed to last for 175 years. They cost just over $10,000. The affordable housing movement is taking off, and 3D printed houses are more affordable than most. They save money by reducing the costs of hiring construction workers and cleaning up debris, and remove the...

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Jim Henson Company Bringing All-Female Action Figures to Television

Last September, start-up action figure company IAmElemental brought strength and joy to children with cancer through their “Buy One, Donate One” special on their Series 1/Courage Core Power female action figures. The campaign was a huge success, and children suffering from cancer all over the world enjoyed superheroes Bravery, Honesty, Fear, Enthusiasm, Energy, Industry and Persistence. IAmElemental have also launched their Series 2/Wisdom set, featuring Creativity, Ingenuity, Curiosity, Logic, Exploration, Mastery and Oblivion. IAmElemental is the first line of female action figure series specifically designed for kids, and was selected as a finalist in the 2018 “Action Figure of the...

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People Who Hurt Animals are a Dire Threat to Humans, Too

On January 1, 2016, the FBI began including animal cruelty in its criminal database alongside felonies such as burglary, assault, and homicide. Previously, crimes involving animals were put under the “All Other Offenses” category within the FBI’s system. However, numerous studies have revealed a strong correlation between animal cruelty and violence against humans, and the FBI, law enforcement agencies, and advocacy groups wanted to find out more. According to the Humane Society of the United States, a study by the Chicago Police Department revealed that between the years 2001-2004, 65 percent of people arrested for animal cruelty had also been arrested...

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Starving Venezuelans Resort to Eating Zoo Animals

When employees at a metropolitan zoo in  Maracaibo, Venezuela arrived for their shift one morning in early August, they were faced with the frightening reality that someone had broken in over the night. The enclosures of several wild pigs and a buffalo were filled with little more than bones, and an examination of the carcasses revealed that they had been mutilated by humans. A similar occurrence was reported at a zoo in the Caricuao district in west Caracas. A horse was found dismembered, and only the inedible portions of the animal remained. Officials at both zoos speculate that the perpetrators, who...

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Too Many Children Face Violence, Rape, and Murder As Early As 12 Months Old, Says Study

An alarming number of children around the world are facing violence every day, according to a new study by UNICEF. And most of the time, it’s happening in places that are supposed to be safe — their homes, schools, and communities. In the home, 60 percent of one year-olds experience physical punishment regularly, with the numbers only increasing for 2-4 year olds at 75 percent. Half of the world’s school-age children, or 732 million, are not protected from abuse at school, as many of these countries do not have strict corporal punishment restrictions. And the United States alone has...

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