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This Cash-Grabbing Kitty is Raising Money for the Homeless

Meet Sir Whines a Lot, the cat on a mission to help the homeless! This kitty has caused all sorts of hype on social media due to his humanitarian work with a homeless charity in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sir Whines a Lot (otherwise known as Cashnip Kitty) began his fundraising journey as an office cat for the GuruStu marketing firm in Tulsa. After business owner Stuart McDaniel noticed that the tabby was snatching dollar bills that passersby were sliding through the door, McDaniel put a sign on the door reading, “Kitty donates all funds to the Tulsa Day Center for the homeless.” “I get a call from my dad saying, ‘why is there money on the floor at...

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Animal Protection Orgs. Are Nearly 90% White; Meet the Woman Working to Expand the Movement

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there will be no racial or ethnic majority in the country by the year 2044, with projections of whites at 49.7% of the population, Latinos at 25%, African Americans at 12.7%, and Asians at 7.9%, while the multiracial group will make up about 3.7%. These statistics send a clear message: there is an absolute necessity for expanded diversity within organizations and companies in the United States. Within the farm animal protection sector, some organizations are 100% white — and while others have a few people of color on staff, the numbers show an...

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Book: How One Man is Changing the Way the World Sees Farm Animals

Nathan Runkle was just 17 when he performed his first open rescue — a risky endeavor involving sneaking into a farm or other animal facility to document the horrendous conditions inside, rescuing some of the suffering animals along the way. A bold move from someone who had grown up in a farming family, though Nathan had turned vegan years earlier and had already founded his own animal rights organization, Mercy for Animals. In his newly released book, Mercy For Animals: One Man’s Quest to Inspire Compassion and Improve the Lives of Farm Animals, Nathan reveals the journey from his...

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This Incredible Woman Went from Homeless to Harvard Grad

Norma Heath is not the average Harvard graduate. This 51-year-old was definitely no high school valedictorian. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon, either. In fact, Norma spent more than 12 years living on the streets. Now, however, she’s the proud owner of a degree in psychology from one of the country’s most prestigious universities. To help put that accomplishment in perspective, you should know that: Only 5.4 percent of students that apply to Harvard get in A year at Harvard costs $63,025 In a recent interview with WCVB-TV,  Norma said that she owed her success to two things:...

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Yemen is Dying While the World Watches

Yemen is being destroyed by a man-made humanitarian crisis. Already the poorest country in the Middle East, over 80 percent of its population is in need of basic assistance due to armed conflict and a skyrocketing cholera epidemic sweeping over large war-torn regions of the country. The cholera outbreak has spread to an estimated half a million people, or around five thousand per day, half of them children.  It has claimed the lives of about 2,000 people since April. “This is the world’s worst cholera outbreak in the midst of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. In the last 3...

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Preschool Teacher Catches Child Sex Predators on Plane by Glancing at Text Messages

On Monday, July 31st, a preschool teacher who wished to remain anonymous boarded a flight from Seattle, Washington to San Jose, California, and noticed something odd about the text messages of the passenger seated in front of her. The passenger in question, Michael Kellar, was caught describing explicit practices that involved molesting underage children; his text messages were displayed in an extra-large font size, allowing the young teacher to take photos of the conversation on her on own cell phone. The teacher promptly showed the photos to the flight’s crew members, who immediately contacted local police after the flight...

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Diversity: Hollywood’s Achilles Heel Remains as Crippling As Ever

The Silver Screen Is White Though speakers for a more diverse Hollywood remain vocal, their efforts over the last decade have produced little results. This news comes out of a recent report released by the University of Southern California (USC). The 10-year study looked at the casting and hiring choices of 900 popular films. And the results were less than heartening. In the words of the Media, Diversity, and Social Change Initiative (MDSCI), “Privilege still speaks, as white, straight, able-bodied men remain the norm on screen in film.” The Numbers Speak for Themselves When it comes to inclusion, here are...

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Keystone XL Protesters Build Solar Panels Right in Pipeline’s Path

By November, the fate of the final phase of the Keystone XL Pipeline will be decided. In a stroke of defiant genius — an effort to thwart construction and a symbol of the renewable energy they want to create — activists and landowners are building solar panels directly on the path of the proposed pipeline. The Solar XL project, a coalition of Bold Nebraska, Indigenous Environmental Network,, CREDO, Oil Change International and others, has raised over $40,000 for its campaign to build clean energy. Nebraskan farmer Jim Carlson was among the first to install solar panels on his...

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