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How the Healthcare Industry Can Be Kinder to the Planet

What used to be a fad has become a worldwide movement by individuals and corporations alike —everyone’s going green. While individuals can do things like drive their cars less and use eco-friendly lawn care solutions, it can be more of a challenge for corporations and companies to make positive changes. Policies need reviewing and testing to ensure that any changes implemented can continue on well after the initial start date. These challenges are what have kept so many industries from switching completely to more eco-friendly alternatives. The healthcare industry is one of these groups because of the sheer amount...

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Lady Freethinker is A Proud VegWeek Sponsor to Promote Clean, Cruelty Free Eating

Join Lady Freethinker (LFT) in celebration of VegWeek by taking the “Veg Pledge” to have a meat-free week! As Gold Sponsor for the national campaign, LFT is sharing the message that animals are worthy, sensitive beings who don’t need to be on the dinner table. Spearheaded by Compassion Over Killing, VegWeek has been inspiring a meat-free week since 2009. We’ve joined COK and animal lovers like Moby, Alicia Silverstone, and Tia Blanco to take the pledge and encourage others to do the same. Whether you are already vegan or vegetarian, eat meat but are ready to make a change,...

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Welcome to the World’s First Plastic-Free Supermarket Aisle

This week in Amsterdam, a Dutch chain of grocery stores unveiled an aisle with zero plastic packaging at one of its stores. Ekoplaza’s plastic-free section is being hailed as the “World’s First Plastic-Free Supermarket Aisle.” The aisle is filled with over 700 products ranging from snacks to cereals. If a product cannot be made wrap-free, the store is utilizing biodegradable packaging. The products in the aisle are not more expensive than plastic-wrapped goods. Last year, the Guardian published an in-depth story on the extent of plastic waste generated by supermarkets in the United Kingdom. They estimated that nearly 1 million tons...

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The Why and How of Better Water Conservation

It’s easy to see why water is so important. We can only survive for a few days without drinking it, we use it to grow the food we eat, and we need it to clean our clothes and dishes and our bodies. As clear as its value is, recent droughts in places like California and South Africa have driven home the point even more. We need to conserve water, especially since drought seasons and the growing season are approaching. Why Conserve Water? There are innumerable reasons we should conserve water. It’s connected to virtually every aspect of our lives,...

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Singer LP Urges Starbucks: More Vegan Options!

Chart-topping singer LP has joined forces with animal advocacy group Compassion Over Killing (COK) to encourage coffee mega-chain Starbucks to expand their vegan food menu throughout America. “Hey Starbucks! Let’s give more people access to healthier food,” said famous singer LP (Laura Pergolizzi). “I know there are lots of existing customers, and customers-to-be, who are jonesing for more vegan options on the menu, and I’m one of them!” Famous television anchor and animal activist Jane Velez Mitchell had already teamed up with COK in October 2017 to launch a petition calling for more vegan options at Starbucks. Together they launched the Tag...

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This Indian Tea Plantation Works in Harmony with the Environment and Elephants

Living in harmony with the land is no easy task as a farmer. Especially with pests as tiny as red spider mites and as huge as elephants to contend with. But in Assam, India’s largest tea producing region, one man has found a way live in harmony with both. Tenzing Bedosa began feeling sick after working on his farm. Then he noticed rabbits dying after coming into contact with water he used to wash his clothes. Finally realizing these incidents were related to insect-killing chemicals, he made the switch to organic farming. The change paid off in more ways than...

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96-Year-Old Grandma Goes Vegan to Save the Animals

Although veganism’s recent surge has mainly affected a younger population, people of all ages are adopting the lifestyle — including Anne Fraser, a woman who became vegan just three weeks before her 96th birthday. An advocate for peace and love, and a yoga teacher at her local community center, Anne realized after watching the documentary What the Health? that she could do more to make the world a better place. “I’ve always ended all my classes with the meta prayer, ‘May all beings be happy and free’ and after becoming vegan, and learning how inhumane and cruel our animal...

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4 Ways to Give Back to Animals, Humans and the Planet in 2018

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to become more charitable in 2018. Maybe you more recently decided that it was simply time to do your part to make the world better. Maybe you’d like to give more, but you’re short on money. Whatever your motivation, doing more to give back to the planet — and the humans and other creatures who inhabit it — is a worthy goal! Your desires are commendable, and the good news is, you don’t necessarily have to spend a dime to start making the world a happier, cleaner and more peaceful place for all...

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