Puppies have been intentionally bred to suffer from horrible diseases and crippling deformities at a lab at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), according to an investigation conducted by White Coat Waste Project (WCW).

Video obtained in the investigation shows sick and deformed puppies, many unable to stand or walk, with records showing that puppies as young as 9 days old were then killed for the experiments.

WCW reports that this breeding lab has been functioning for four decades and in the past ten years alone has cost taxpayers at least $10 million, as it is an NIH (National Institute of Health)-funded program.

“A growing majority of taxpayers oppose wasteful government-funded dog experiments, and they’ll be horrified to learn that since the ’80’s UPENN white coats have been purposely breeding sick terrier and beagle puppies to suffer from debilitating disorders that cause seizures, paralysis, deafness, and blindness, and abusing them in cruel tests,” Justin Goodman, senior vice president at WCW states.

WCW has filed a federal complaint documenting violations at the UPenn dog lab and is working with lawmakers in Pennsylvania to ensure that state funds are not used for the experiments.

Researchers should be prioritizing methods that avoid the use of animals, sentient beings who feel fear, pain, and stress. To learn about another university’s cruel animal lab and to sign our petition urging them to never resume these tests, please read about our investigation into the University of Minnesota’s deadly kitten experiments.