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People Who Hurt Animals are a Dire Threat to Humans, Too

On January 1, 2016, the FBI began including animal cruelty in its criminal database alongside felonies such as burglary, assault, and homicide. Previously, crimes involving animals were put under the “All Other Offenses” category within the FBI’s system. However, numerous studies have revealed a strong correlation between animal cruelty and violence against humans, and the FBI, law enforcement agencies, and advocacy groups wanted to find out more. According to the Humane Society of the United States, a study by the Chicago Police Department revealed that between the years 2001-2004, 65 percent of people arrested for animal cruelty had also been arrested...

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Starving Venezuelans Resort to Eating Zoo Animals

When employees at a metropolitan zoo in  Maracaibo, Venezuela arrived for their shift one morning in early August, they were faced with the frightening reality that someone had broken in over the night. The enclosures of several wild pigs and a buffalo were filled with little more than bones, and an examination of the carcasses revealed that they had been mutilated by humans. A similar occurrence was reported at a zoo in the Caricuao district in west Caracas. A horse was found dismembered, and only the inedible portions of the animal remained. Officials at both zoos speculate that the perpetrators, who...

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Too Many Children Face Violence, Rape, and Murder As Early As 12 Months Old, Says Study

An alarming number of children around the world are facing violence every day, according to a new study by UNICEF. And most of the time, it’s happening in places that are supposed to be safe — their homes, schools, and communities. In the home, 60 percent of one year-olds experience physical punishment regularly, with the numbers only increasing for 2-4 year olds at 75 percent. Half of the world’s school-age children, or 732 million, are not protected from abuse at school, as many of these countries do not have strict corporal punishment restrictions. And the United States alone has...

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Bias Against Girls Begins as Young as 4th Grade, Says New Survey

On October 11 of this year, the world celebrated the international Day of the Girl. This holiday was officially declared on October 11, 2011, when the United Nations launched its mission to “help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.” Throughout history, girls and women have experienced oppression and inequality, and although in recent decades significant improvements have been made in how we perceive and receive the concept of independent womanhood, the stereotypical expectations of the female continue in the minds of youth and...

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12-Year-Old Vegan Boy Hangs Himself after Bullies Pelt Him with Meat

On January 19, Louie Tom Fenton was found dead in Hertford, England by his family in their home, having hanged himself after being bullied in school for his vegan lifestyle. The boy was only 12 years old, and despite his mother continuously approaching Richard Hale School regarding the issue, the bullying only worsened until Louie would eventually take his own life. “He had regular appointments with the counsellor and he started self-harming. They threw meat at him in the canteen because he was a vegan,” his mother, Catherine Fenton, wrote Hertfordshire’s Coroner’s Court. The court also heard that Louie...

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Line Drawn Between Creative Expression and Cruelty as Guggenheim Reluctantly Pulls Live Animal Works

Over the course of last week, animal rights activists bombarded the Guggenheim Museum with criticism over its new exhibit, “Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World.” Three pieces within the exhibit, “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other,” “A Case Study of Transference,” and “Theater of the World” featured animal exploitation that led to widespread controversy about the artists’ unconventional methods said to portray messages of power, violence, and humanity. Protesters physically swarmed the museum in central Manhattan and created an online petition that garnered over 770 thousand signatures. The petition declared “controversial art that breaks barriers and challenges...

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The Animals and the Planet Need Your Vote this November — Are You Registered?

November 7 is coming up fast, with local and state ballot measures as well as gubernatorial races and special elections for the House and Senate at stake. If you need to register to vote or change your name or address, now is the time – some state deadlines are just days away. This year has proven devastating in terms of justice for animals, people, and the environment, and the 2017 election can help undo some of the damage — like efforts to strip multiple animals from the Endangered Species List, pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and attempting to...

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These are the 13 Best US Cities to Escape Climate Disaster

Climate change continues to bring about one disaster after the next. In a month alone, an onslaught of five hurricanes hit regions of the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria have wrecked entire cities, destroying infrastructure, homes, and lives.  Hurricane Lee now threatens to follow. Some U.S. cities have made and/or are making an attempt to confront these disasters. A new report from Business Insider, based on contributing factors such as policy, community organization, and infrastructure, lists the 13 most livable cities to escape climate disasters. The Pacific Northwest is the best region overall. Topping...

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