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Animal Rights are a Human Right

It has long been accepted in our culture that humans are owed a certain level of inherent rights. We generally accept that humans have a right to life, liberty, and property, and have developed these ideas as the quest for equality grows in our culture. However, we cannot have a full conception of human rights without considering animal rights as a part of this. The concept of animal rights as fundamental to human rights relies on the recognition that humans are in fact an animal species, and therefore the compartmentalization of different kind of behavior to different species in fact...

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Coalition Speaks Out Against USDA’s Cruel and Reckless High-Speed Slaughter of Pigs

Lady Freethinker is among a coalition of 35 organizations speaking out against the proposed expansion of a dangerous high-speed pig slaughter program. The coalition is composed of animal welfare groups, environmental and sustainability organizations, and labor rights advocates, all united under the goal of ceasing a program that increases cruelty to animals, harms workers, and poses an enormous public health and environmental threat. The so-called Modernization of Swine Slaughter Inspection would slash regulation and allow slaughterhouses to kill at the reckless pace of roughly one pig every five seconds. At this breakneck speed, animals are often pushed through the line...

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2018 Olympics Scorecard for Animals, Environment and Social Justice – The Marks Aren’t High

This week marks the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Top athletes from around the world will be judged and scored on their performance. But what score do the Olympic Games themselves get when it comes to the environment, the treatment of animals, and social justice? What scores do you give the PyeongChang Olympics? Comment below! Green Score The Beijing and Rio Summer Olympics brought up many concerns about existing environmental conditions such as water and air quality. But what impact do the games themselves have on the environment? Quite a lot it turns...

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A Woman Director Speaks Out about Harassment in the Animal Rights Movement

As women from all over the globe, from Hollywood actresses to businesswomen, are starting to speak up about the sexual harassment and abuse they’ve been subjected to for years, the #metoo movement is continuing to shine a light on gender discrimination throughout all career paths and industries. Unfortunately, the animal rights and welfare movement is not immune to these very same problems, as discussed in a statement released by Compassion Over Killing (COK) Executive Director Erica Meier this week. According to Meier, although the overwhelming majority of people working within this industry are women, most leadership positions are still held by...

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Kind Homeless Man Reunites Family With Their Beloved Lost Dog

On Friday, January 12, a homeless man brought a lost puppy to a downtown Wichita fire station in hopes she’d be returned to an owner. A well-groomed German Shepherd of only a few months, the firemen knew she belonged to someone. Without identification tags, however, locating the owner would prove challenging. After some hours, they were able to track down the owners through a lost pets page on Facebook! Upon picking up the puppy, named Venus, owner Melissa Lomeli was in tears. Her husband and their other dog, a pitbull named Zeus, had all been so worried and upset...

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4 Ways to Give Back to Animals, Humans and the Planet in 2018

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to become more charitable in 2018. Maybe you more recently decided that it was simply time to do your part to make the world better. Maybe you’d like to give more, but you’re short on money. Whatever your motivation, doing more to give back to the planet — and the humans and other creatures who inhabit it — is a worthy goal! Your desires are commendable, and the good news is, you don’t necessarily have to spend a dime to start making the world a happier, cleaner and more peaceful place for all...

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Homeless Man Spends Last $20 to Help Stranded Woman – And Never Expected This

After using his last $20 to buy gas for a woman stranded on the side of the interstate, homeless man Johnny Bobbitt Jr. has been able to buy his own home with the money raised by the grateful motorist. Twenty-seven-year-old Kate McClure of New Jersey was heading home late one night in Philadelphia when she ran out of gas. Mr Bobbitt, a former Marine veteran and certified paramedic, happened to be in his usual spot on the side of the highway. Concerned for Kate’s safety, he instructed her to return to her vehicle and lock the door. According to...

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How Monsanto Is Bribing Farmers to Use a Toxic Herbicide

In a ploy to avoid decreased sales on a federally-restricted, toxic herbicide linked to crop damage, Monsanto is attempting to bribe farmers with a program incentivizing its use. Monsanto is offering $6 cash back per acre, which represents a rebate of over 50%, to soybean farmers who spray the herbicide XtendiMax with VaporGrip. The herbicide is designed for use on Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, which are genetically modified by Monsanto to resist the toxins in XtendiMax. The agribusiness giant is also promising $5.50 cash back per acre to cotton growers who plant cotton varieties engineered with XtendFlex Technology. This program may sound...

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