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VIDEO: Injured Seal Returns to the Wild After ‘Miracle’ Recovery

An Atlantic grey seal was found near death on Horsey Beach in Norfolk, England due to an injury caused by a Frisbee that had gotten stuck around her neck. Frisbee, as she’s appropriately been named, was rescued by volunteers from an organization known as Friends of Horsey Seals. The disc had become embedded in her neck, causing a deep wound. Once it was removed, she was given antibiotics and steroids. After five months spent recovering at the RSPCA wildlife centre in Norfolk, Frisbee was ready to be released back into the wild. She’d recovered from her wounds and, thanks to...

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Elephant Dies when Circus Truck Crashes in Spain

A circus truck overturned on a highway in Spain, killing one elephant and injuring two others inside. The truck was transporting five elephants to their next performance location of the Circo Gottani. The tragedy has reinvigorated the push to end the use of animals in circus performances in the country. The driver of the truck was overtaking another vehicle on a highway near Madrid when he lost control. The truck overturned, leaving the driver uninjured and releasing the surviving animals onto the highway. Police tweeted ‘Elephants loose on the tarmac’ as people filmed them grazing on the side of...

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VIDEO: Puppy Abandoned Because He Couldn’t Walk Now Has the Best Life

 Bueller the puppy was dropped off at an SPCA in Sacramento by a breeder because of a congenital defect made him unable to walk. Despite the inevitable challenges Bueller faced, his compassionate caretakers had hope for his future and decided against euthanasia. Gaining the strength to walk required lots of time and dedication. Water therapy was especially helpful because it allowed the pup to move his legs in a natural motion without having to support his weight. Bueller’s first major milestone came when he was able to stand without assistance. Eventually, a tearful team of staff members looked...

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VIDEO: Animals Rescued from Factory Farms Receive Love for the Very First Time

 Factory farm animals are raised in extreme confinement and subjected to mutilation and torture to maximize profits in the meat, dairy, and egg industries. The animals in this video were rescued from factory farms, and finally feel human love in the tender care of sanctuaries. Well-intended shoppers often look for labels such as “cage-free,” “grass-fed,” and “free range” to try to avoid cruelty. However, even animals raised in so-called “humane” facilities face tremendous suffering. For example, chickens are de-beaked and packed by the thousands into crowded warehouses – technically “cageless,” but still housed in cramped, filthy conditions. Many female...

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VIDEO: Firefighters Use Tiny Oxygen Mask to Save Cat Pulled from Fire

After extinguishing a house fire in St. Louis, Missouri, firefighters discovered a cat struggling to breathe. The cat, named Steven, had been home alone during the fire. The firefighters immediately took Steven outside and administered an oxygen mask specially designed for pets. Thanks to the swift efforts of rescue personnel, Steven has recovered from smoke inhalation and is reunited with his loving...

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VIDEO: Kind Woman Raises Orphaned Possum Just As She Would Her Own Baby

When a woman learned the plight of a litter of possums orphaned when their mom was hit by a car, she fell in love with one in particular. Amos couldn’t be released back into the wild because of a metabolic bone disease rendering him unable to hold things. He was also malnourished, and had slight brain damage from the accident. She knew she was meant to be Amos’s mom, and with a friend’s encouragement, she adopted him. Possums are extremely needy, but Amos’s mom doesn’t mind shifting her other responsibilities around to care for him. Amos’s diet requires lots...

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Homeless Dog Shoplifts Book on ‘Abandonment,’ Now Has Caring Foster Family

When a surveillance camera captured a homeless dog shoplifting a book about abandonment, the stray canine finally got the break he needed to find a loving home. Last week in the Feevale University bookshop in Hamburgo, Brazil, the dog wandered into the shop, past the oblivious front desk attendant, and carefully picked up a book in his mouth before casually trotting out of the store, tail wagging. A student who had witnessed the theft followed the dog and retrieved the book, returning it to the stunned woman behind the desk. The book was aptly entitled “The Days of Abandonment.” A...

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VIDEO: Pilot Flies Orphaned Baby Chimp in His Lap All the Way to the Rescue Center

 Mussa, an adorable baby chimp, was orphaned after losing his family to poachers in Virunga National Park in the Congo. But luckily for Mussa, pilot Anthony Caere was there to whisk him to the safe haven of the Lwiro Primates rescue and rehabilitation center. On the flight, Anthony cared for Mussa just like his own mother would have, cuddling and grooming as the baby chimp sat in the caring pilot’s lap. The chimp remained so calm during the flight, he managed to sneak in a nap! Mussa may never get over the trauma of losing his family, but...

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