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VIDEO: Orphaned Puppy Cheers Up Depressed Mama Dog Who Lost Her Own Babies

When a sickly pit bull puppy was brought to a veterinarian for medical treatment, his response was “I can save her, but I don’t know who will want her after this.” He couldn’t have been more wrong. After the removal of her infected eye, Raisin found someone who not only wanted but needed her. Around the same time, a pregnant dog named Daya was rescued from the streets. A check-up brought devastating news – due to complications, Daya’s nine puppies would not survive. Like any mother who loses her babies, Daya became extremely depressed. Desperate for something to care...

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VIDEO: Meet the Abused Puppy Whose Incredible Recovery Inspired Better Animal Rights Protections

Abandoned by a breeder, this puppy was near death by the time a truck driver discovered him and brought him to an emergency vet in central Pennsylvania.  The pup, named Libre, was in and out of consciousness, unable to even hold his head up. Janine Guido, the founder and director of nearby Spiranzo Animal Rescue, arrived to the hospital that night. She remembers her heartbreak at the puppy’s condition, recalling that she had “never ever seen something so close to death.” The vet recommended euthanasia for the gravely ill puppy, but Guido could sense his fighting spirit. She promised Libre...

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VIDEO: Tiniest Kitten Gets Extra Love from Two Moms

Most cats discard the “runt” of their litter – but new mom Plop was not most cats. Plop made her tiniest baby, P, her first priority. When Plop picked the kittens up to move them for the first time, she took P first. Although P is now full-grown, the mother and daughter remain inseparable. Before P was born, Plop’s owner, Alex, found the stray cat circling her house and meowing at the windows and took her in. A few weeks later, Alex discovered that Plop was pregnant. The kittens came soon after; and, at first glance, nothing seemed different...

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VIDEO: 2-Legged Squirrel Gets Around with Tiny Set of Wheels

 When a young man in the Turkish province of Batman discovered a squirrel with her front legs caught in a trap, he immediately sprung into action to try saving her life. Nineteen-year-old Ruzgar Alkan’s logical first step was to take the injured squirrel to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, her injuries were too serious to be treated there. The squirrel’s bleak outlook took a positive turn when Alkan connected with a man named Tayfun Demir. Demir already owned a rescue squirrel and was happy to help the injured critter. He was even willing to adopt the squirrel, who’s since been named Karamel,...

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VIDEO: People Once Threw Rocks At This Blind, Stray Dog – Now She Has the Perfect Home

 Meet Kila, a blind Husky Mix found wandering the streets of Tijuana while people cruelly threw rocks at her. An organization called Forever Home Pet Rescue rescued Kila and listed her for adoption on their website. Kila’s pictures immediately caught the eye of Alexis Magoo, a woman who was battling depression and sought a comforting companion. Alexis fell in love at first glance with 9-month-old Kila’s unique and adorable “cartoon character” appearance. Despite the abuse Kila suffered as a puppy, she remains trusting, affectionate, and sweet. The happy-go-lucky canine also doesn’t let blindness stop her from being active and making...

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VIDEO: Meet Patanga, the ‘Gadget Whiz’ Kitty Who Needs a Forever Home

Cuteness alert! Patanga, the “gadget whiz” kitty, is up for adoption through the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand. The 10-month-old black-and-white male is known around the shelter for his inquisitive personality and his passion for playing. He earned his nickname as the “gadget whiz” because he eagerly masters any and all of the shelter’s donated toys. Patanga loves humans just as much as he loves being a toy genius, and is usually the first cat to greet shelter visitors. Any prospective cat owner would be lucky to have this sweet and friendly boy, who’s never known the stability...

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VIDEO: Wild Elephant Caught ‘Blowing Smoke’ in Rare Footage

Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society caught a rare glimpse of an elephant appearing to blow smoke when they checked their camera traps in Nagaharole National Park in India. The elephant was blowing ashes off of wood charcoal, a snack that acts as a laxative and helps get rid of unwanted toxins. Populations of wild elephants across Africa and Asia are dwindling at alarming rates. Due to fragmentation, isolation, habitat loss, and illegal killing, Asian elephants currently exist in a mere 10 percent of their historical range. Elephants play an important role in the ecosystem, dispersing seeds that help...

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The Dairy Industry’s Cruel Secret: Drone Footage Reveals Sickening ‘Calf Hutches’

An aerial drone investigation by Mercy For Animals reveals the horrifying treatment of calves at industrial dairy farms. The newborns are taken from their mothers just after birth because the farm can’t sell a mother’s milk if her calf drinks it first. Then the babies are placed in cramped hutches that they barely fit into. For hours and sometimes days after separation, distressed mothers cry out in search of their calves, who are so young they must be formula-fed. Adult cows are subjected to endless cycles of forced impregnation and machine milking, which takes a massive toll on their health...

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