Two stranded deer were rescued from chilly waters in Alaska’s Clarence Strait by caring Alaskan State Troopers who noticed their distress.

As Alaska State Troopers Sgt. Mark Finses and Trooper Kyle Feuge returned from their usual patrol of Ernest Sound, they spotted the two deer fighting the current in the 50-degree water, four miles away from land.

As soon as the troopers cut the engine, the deer beelined for the boat. Moving around to the swim step, the troopers hoisted both deer out of the cold and onto the back deck, according to Anchorage Daily News.

With the deer on the boat, the troopers witnessed just how exhausted the two were. Neither deer was able to stand while the troopers escorted them to the nearest beach.

“They’re in rough shape, like on their last leg,” Finses said in a posted video.


But when the deer touched down safely on land, they quickly recovered and trotted off into the woods, according to AP News.

“The deer ended up being completely OK,” Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Justin Freeman said.

We applaud these troopers who came to the deer’s rescue, even though they got completely soaked in the process! Please remember that it’s important to call in a wildlife officer or a certified wildlife rehabilitator if you see wild animals in distress; they are often the animals’ best chance at survival.

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