A three-month-old German Shepherd puppy who was abandoned in a Fresco, CA, parking lot has made her way to a safe and loving home in North Carolina, DailyMail.com reports.

This uplifting news comes after a heartbreaking video captured the moment the tiny pup was dumped by someone in a car. The car drove away, leaving the puppy appearing confused before she raced after the car, coming dangerously close to another moving car in her tragic chase. Fortunately, the assistant manager of the mobile home community where the incident occurred saw the surveillance footage and took action to find the puppy temporary shelter with nearby Fresno Animal Center.

When the security footage surfaced online, Meredith Gintzig-Hayes — an EMT who runs a dog and horse rescue organization in the Raleigh, NC area — immediately contacted the center’s rescue coordinator to inquire about the abandoned pup.

“My soul literally connected to her through that video, and I knew that I had to save her — no matter what it took,” Meredith Gintzig-Hayes told DailyMail.com.

After five days of transport across the country, the young German Shepherd — now named Phoenix — appeared ecstatic to meet her new guardian. Phoenix give Gintzig-Hayes kisses and cuddles as if she knew right away she was saved.

Phoenix is loving her new life and home — where she’s enjoying toys, treats, a spacious yard, and the company of her rescued siblings. She has especially bonded with her older German Shepherd sister, Rogue, who was also a rescue from California.

Gintzig-Hayes noted that she often works with overcrowded shelters in California because of how commonly the animals are euthanized.

“California is swamped with German Shepherds, pit bulls, everything — and because I focus on Shepherds, it’s a really good way to make a difference out there,” Phoenix’s rescuer shared.

Every animal, regardless of their appearance or breed, deserves compassion.

Lady Freethinker applauds the efforts of each and every individual who played a part in saving Phoenix’s life and finding her a loving home.

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