A senior dog with special needs found his perfect match after more than 700 days in a shelter in Austin, Texas. He was adopted by a widowed senior woman seeking a new life companion. She renamed him Velcro – because of his desire to stick by her side at all times.

The 10-year-old dog has since been seen trotting playfully around his new forever home alongside his guardian in a heartwarming video shared to Instagram. The pair appear delighted by each other as they slowly run back and forth in their yard.

Velcro loves “unconditionally,” according to his new guardian, and the feeling appears to be mutual. The two seniors appear to adore each other.

Shelter staff were reportedly overjoyed to see Velcro adopted after waiting nearly two years for a forever home.

Being an older dog with special needs – including what appear to be hearing and sight limitations, according to shelter staff – Velcro had a difficult time in the shelter. Dogs who find themselves unexpectedly in shelters may be stressed, anxious, confused, or depressed. Velcro was no exception.

His new guardian wasn’t put off by Velcro’s sad demeanor, though. She recognized that Velcro was in a stressful situation. He just needed a home and some gentle care to let his personality shine. Now, he is full of goofy grins as he plays in the sunshine with his new best friend.

If you are considering bringing a dog into your family, don’t overlook older or special needs dogs. You may be surprised by how much love they have to give.

Lady Freethinker applauds Velcro’s new guardian for giving Velcro a joyful, loving forever home and companionship to live out his golden years.