A kangaroo who appeared to be in danger of drowning was reportedly rescued by a surfer at Gannet Beach in Bawley Point, off the coast of Australia.

A witness saw the surfer dive in to save the kangaroo and captured video of the rescue showing the surfer fighting powerful waves to pull the kangaroo to the shore. The kangaroo appeared to be tiring and struggling to stay above water. 

The strong, relentless waves and appeared to completely cover the kangaroo and the surfer at times. Eventually, the surfer was seen pulling the kangaroo to the safe, sandy shore.

Once on shore, the surfer was careful to keep a safe distance so as not to overwhelm the exhausted animal.

A volunteer with an Australian wildlife rescue nonprofit (WIRES) witnessed the kangaroo return to the wild, according to local news

Kangaroos are iconic Australian animals who are typically strong swimmers, but even strong swimmers can be caught off guard by strong currents. 

When wild animals appear to be in danger, it’s best to call professionals. A wild animal who is frightened, stressed, or in peril may be unpredictable.

Lady Freethinker applauds the quick thinking of the surfer who helped rescue this kangaroo and the WIRES volunteer who verified the kangaroo’s recovery.

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