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Sick Kitten Thrown from Car Window Finds a Loving Home, Stars in a Storybook

Two years ago, a couple watched in horror as a tiny white kitten was ruthlessly thrown from a car window. The couple immediately rushed to the three-week-old kitten’s aid, picking her up and running for help. Today, that little white kitten is known as April, named after the month of animal abuse awareness. She survived the traumatic ordeal and now thrives in a loving home. April’s full recovery – and the happy life she has earned – is inspiring hope in animal lovers worldwide. April’s current owner, Joanna DeLuca, recalls the extent of neglect and abuse April had endured,...

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Loving Pit Bull Becomes Foster Mom to More than 100 Orphan Kittens

When it comes to maternal instincts, pit bull Zuca is an expert! Having cared for nearly 100 orphan kittens in the last four years, Zuca has become the ultimate inspiration for adoption, and even has her own Instagram page. After losing her best friend, Stout the cat, to kidney disease in 2013, Zuca became depressed and lethargic until owner Ronda Layne decided to foster Monkey the kitten from an animal shelter in Portland, Oregon. As a rescue animal herself, Zuca has stepped up to the responsibility of nurturing boxfulls of abandoned kittens until they grow old enough to be adopted...

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Scientists Say Your Best Friend Loves ‘Doggy Talk’ As Much As You Do

Many of us animal lovers simply can’t resist talking to our dogs as a way of showing affection and praise — and a new study suggests that this communication is not only fun for you, but could actually strengthen the bond between human and dog! While studies have already suggested a greater bond between baby and parent as a consequence of “baby talk,” researchers are finding that this type of high-pitched, affectionate speech has a similar effect on dogs. So, if you find yourself asking your pooch, “who’s been a good dog?” in an exaggerated tone of voice, it’s possible...

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Couple Adopts Pet Pig from Rescue Shelter – Then Kills and Eats Her

While animal shelters strive to improve the quality of life for abused, lost or abandoned animals, one couple saw an opportunity to take a life, instead. In mid-January, workers at an SPCA animal shelter in Canada said their goodbyes to a Vietnamese potbellied pig named Molly under the false pretenses that she would be going to a loving home. Instead, shelter workers were horrified to discover that the Vancouver Island couple who had adopted Molly had slaughtered and eaten her. Just weeks after Molly’s adoption, a local woman learned via social media that the couple had killed Molly, apparently...

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Abandoned Baby Sloth Trapped Between Two Rocks is Saved by Kind Rescuers

It was the sound of crying that saved this usually elusive creature. One overcast morning, the baby sloth who has since been named Guanabana was discovered alone, trapped between two rocks, stranded on a beach in Punta Tigre, Costa Rica. The rare two-toed sloth had sand in its eyes and was soaked through with seawater as it called out for help. Guanabana had been separated from his family after getting trapped in a high tide the night before. This heart-breaking camera footage shows the baby sloth’s distress as it clings on to the rock that entraps it, crying for help.     It’s...

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