Astonishingly, a tiny kitten survived a 45-mile trip in the fender of a minivan. The driver, Eunika Brown, had no clue when she started the engine and drove off that she was carrying the tiny passenger.

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This kitten survived a 45-mile trip while trapped in the fender well of a Virginia woman’s minivan. In this photo, the kitten anxiously waits before the service manager at Leete Tire & Auto in Petersburg, Va., extracted her. Petersburg (Va.) Animal Care and Control

Brown reports, “I had no idea she was there until going out to leave for lunch…”

Following the kitten’s discovery, it was soon freed from the vehicle by the manager of a tire shop and then swiftly adopted by Chuck Williams, a fellow employee.

Brown had driven from Capron, Va., to Petersburg, where the rescue ensued.

Warren Strum, the manager of Leete Tire & Auto’s services’, acted quickly and pulled the “scared but unharmed” kitten from the car.

Miraculously this cat survived with no injuries,” say’s Animal Care and Control.

Williams, the tire shop worker, “adopted [the kitten] on the spot and is taking it to the vet,” according to Animal Care and Control, who since posted on Facebook that Chuck “is a long time cat lover, they bonded instantly!“

Animal Care and Control ended its post with the hashtag, “#APurrfectEnding” while Leete Tire & Auto posted, “Never a dull day!”

The relieved and astonished driver was thankful for the kitten’s wellbeing despite such a long journey trapped in the car and “is grateful that she didn’t get hurt, and also happy that she was able to find a good home…”

Brown adds, “You guys are awesome!”

To which the auto center replied:

Kudos to you ma’am for acting quickly and calling the authorities before this sweet little girl was injured and thank you for trusting us with your vehicle too!”