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VIDEO: Vet Stays in Freezing Doghouse to Show Exactly Why Your Pet Belongs Indoors

To demonstrate the dangers of leaving a pet outside in the cold for too long, veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward filmed himself spending a freezing night in a doghouse during winter. He resolved to stay in there as long as he could “stand it.” At the beginning of the experiment, the inside of the doghouse was already a bitter 20 degrees Fahrenheit. A half-hour in, the temperature had increased to 25 degrees. Dr. Ward was shivering and ice crystals had begun to form inside of the doghouse. At the one-hour mark, the temperature had dropped to about 21 degrees. As the...

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VIDEO: Bird Frozen to A Fence Saved by Kind Rescuer

When he stopped to rest on a length of metal piping, this sparrow’s feet froze solid. Weighing in at just one ounce, he doesn’t have enough strength to get his feet unstuck from the frost so he can fly away. Luckily, the video-maker knew a trick to help his feathered friend out of this sticky situation. First, the kind rescuer places his hand around the nervous bird to stop him from hurting himself. You can see how the warm touch calms down the bird. Once the sparrow has stopped panicking, and his legs have had a moment to warm up...

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VIDEO: Meet The World’s Tiniest Cat – Small Enough to Hide Under a Leaf!

The rusty spotted cat is the world’s smallest cat. Weighing just over one kilogram on average (200 times lighter than a lion), they can only be found in the forests of Sri Lanka and India. They’re also very rare, with only 36 individuals left worldwide. To help the small critters find prey in the undergrowth, they’re aided by eyes that are six times more powerful than the average human’s. Like most wild and domestic cats, they’re skilled hunters and climbers. Although they’ve been born in captivity and occasionally kept as pets, the rusty spotted cat is at home in the wild....

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VIDEO: Half-Frozen Turtles Rescued from Death in Texas Cold Snap

Hundreds of cold-stunned sea turtles have been brought back from the brink. More than 500 have been saved so far, but seasoned rescuers are bracing themselves for more. They expect this week’s record-breaking freeze to leave another 500 turtles in need of rescue. Lyndsey Howell, who has been working with sea turtles for 12 years, has seen cold-stunned turtles before. If they get too cold, they simply can’t swim, and end up floating helplessly on the surface. With a little luck, they might drift into warmer waters, but they’re just as likely to get ‘hit by boats or eaten...

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