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VIDEO: Wild Elephant Caught ‘Blowing Smoke’ in Rare Footage

Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society caught a rare glimpse of an elephant appearing to blow smoke when they checked their camera traps in Nagaharole National Park in India. The elephant was blowing ashes off of wood charcoal, a snack that acts as a laxative and helps get rid of unwanted toxins. Populations of wild elephants across Africa and Asia are dwindling at alarming rates. Due to fragmentation, isolation, habitat loss, and illegal killing, Asian elephants currently exist in a mere 10 percent of their historical range. Elephants play an important role in the ecosystem, dispersing seeds that help...

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The Dairy Industry’s Cruel Secret: Drone Footage Reveals Sickening ‘Calf Hutches’

An aerial drone investigation by Mercy For Animals reveals the horrifying treatment of calves at industrial dairy farms. The newborns are taken from their mothers just after birth because the farm can’t sell a mother’s milk if her calf drinks it first. Then the babies are placed in cramped hutches that they barely fit into. For hours and sometimes days after separation, distressed mothers cry out in search of their calves, who are so young they must be formula-fed. Adult cows are subjected to endless cycles of forced impregnation and machine milking, which takes a massive toll on their health...

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Rescued Duck Found Starving to Death Now Lives the Good Life with His Stuffed Duck Friend

When Melanie set out with friends to photograph nature one day, bringing home a duckling wasn’t part of the plan. But when she saw the starving baby bird, she knew he wouldn’t survive without help. Melanie wrapped Ducky in a towel, took him home and spent the night in her rocking chair, comforting him. Ducky’s first few months were spent on Melanie’s porch. To keep him company, she introduced him to DuckDuck, a stuffed animal that had belonged to her children. It was love at first sight – Ducky immediately snuggled up to his new pal. Ducky eventually became...

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VIDEO: Injured Seal Returns to the Wild After ‘Miracle’ Recovery

An Atlantic grey seal was found near death on Horsey Beach in Norfolk, England due to an injury caused by a Frisbee that had gotten stuck around her neck. Frisbee, as she’s appropriately been named, was rescued by volunteers from an organization known as Friends of Horsey Seals. The disc had become embedded in her neck, causing a deep wound. Once it was removed, she was given antibiotics and steroids. After five months spent recovering at the RSPCA wildlife centre in Norfolk, Frisbee was ready to be released back into the wild. She’d recovered from her wounds and, thanks to...

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VIDEO: Puppy Abandoned Because He Couldn’t Walk Now Has the Best Life

 Bueller the puppy was dropped off at an SPCA in Sacramento by a breeder because of a congenital defect made him unable to walk. Despite the inevitable challenges Bueller faced, his compassionate caretakers had hope for his future and decided against euthanasia. Gaining the strength to walk required lots of time and dedication. Water therapy was especially helpful because it allowed the pup to move his legs in a natural motion without having to support his weight. Bueller’s first major milestone came when he was able to stand without assistance. Eventually, a tearful team of staff members looked...

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