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VIDEO: Animals Rescued from Factory Farms Receive Love for the Very First Time

 Factory farm animals are raised in extreme confinement and subjected to mutilation and torture to maximize profits in the meat, dairy, and egg industries. The animals in this video were rescued from factory farms, and finally feel human love in the tender care of sanctuaries. Well-intended shoppers often look for labels such as “cage-free,” “grass-fed,” and “free range” to try to avoid cruelty. However, even animals raised in so-called “humane” facilities face tremendous suffering. For example, chickens are de-beaked and packed by the thousands into crowded warehouses – technically “cageless,” but still housed in cramped, filthy conditions. Many female...

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VIDEO: Firefighters Use Tiny Oxygen Mask to Save Cat Pulled from Fire

After extinguishing a house fire in St. Louis, Missouri, firefighters discovered a cat struggling to breathe. The cat, named Steven, had been home alone during the fire. The firefighters immediately took Steven outside and administered an oxygen mask specially designed for pets. Thanks to the swift efforts of rescue personnel, Steven has recovered from smoke inhalation and is reunited with his loving...

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VIDEO: Kind Woman Raises Orphaned Possum Just As She Would Her Own Baby

When a woman learned the plight of a litter of possums orphaned when their mom was hit by a car, she fell in love with one in particular. Amos couldn’t be released back into the wild because of a metabolic bone disease rendering him unable to hold things. He was also malnourished, and had slight brain damage from the accident. She knew she was meant to be Amos’s mom, and with a friend’s encouragement, she adopted him. Possums are extremely needy, but Amos’s mom doesn’t mind shifting her other responsibilities around to care for him. Amos’s diet requires lots...

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VIDEO: Sick Baby Fox Found in Middle of Road Nursed to Health Thanks to Kind Rescuers

Shortly before St. Patrick’s Day, a baby fox was discovered in the middle of a busy road on the southwest side of Milwaukee. He’d likely been abandoned by a distressed mother and suffered from hypothermia, dehydration, mange, and an upper respiratory infection. The three-and-a-half-week old kit was too young to walk, and still had poor eyesight when he was found. However, things are looking up for the fox, who’s been named Clover because he was found so close to St. Patrick’s Day. He’s in good hands at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Since his rescue, Clover’s eyesight has improved,...

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VIDEO: Rescued Orphan Elephant Conquers Fear of Water, Thanks to Caring Human

When Mayo the elephant was just a few days old, he nearly drowned. The near-death experience caused him to develop a strong phobia of water. Roxy Danckwerts, founder of Wild is Life animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe, was determined to help Mayo overcome this fear. After 14 months of therapy, Roxy decided to find out if Mayo was ready to go back into the water. Her goal was to “retrain” him to think of going into the water as a fun activity, even if he’ll never forget his traumatic experience. At first, Mayo was hesitant to follow Roxy into the...

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