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VIDEO: Brave Man Rescues Trapped, Crying Dog from Muddy Well

Things were looking hopeless for a poor puppy who had somehow fallen down a deep well. Realizing he had no way out, the mud-covered pup began to desperately cry out for help. Luckily, a rescuer heard his cries and sprung into action, scaling down the well to save him. Upon reaching the distressed canine, the worker reassured him that he was a “good boy.” After gaining the dog’s trust, the rescuer placed him into a net. The two then ascended back up the well and to safety, where the dog finally began to calm down. Compassionate bystanders cleaned the...

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VIDEO: Clever Kitty In Need of Forever Home Takes Matters into Her Own Paws

[youtube]  Rosie the cat, born in 2013, found herself at Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter in Arlington, Washington after her first two adoptive families returned her. It was important that Rosie was placed in the care of someone who understood her “cattitude” and had the patience for her need for time to adjust. Life at the shelter made Rosie unhappy and grumpy – so much so that several days into her third (and final) stay at the shelter, she took matters into her own paws. Resolving to find her forever home, Rosie stood on her hind feet pawed at...

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VIDEO: Adorable Pig is Touring the Nation to Change the Way We View Animals

[youtube] A pet pig named Charlotte is accompanying her owner on a road trip across the United States, and she’s changing the way people think about animals. The outgoing pig is making lots of new friends who are delighted to meet her. Charlotte’s owner believes there’s “some power in people seeing an animal get to be their own voice,” and her message is indeed important. Charlotte and her mother were rescued from a breeder who was selling “mini” pigs they no longer wanted to care for. There’s no such thing as “mini” pigs, though — they all grow...

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