A curious cat got into a little bit of trouble after climbing into the wheel well of a car. But the quick actions of both the family who heard the cat’s cries for help and the police in Avon Lake, Ohio, led to a safe rescue.

While leaving a local restaurant, a family heard the feline’s distressed howls coming from a car in the business’s parking lot. They contacted the police, who went out of their way to rescue the trapped cat.

“One officer actually went to his house to get a special lug wrench so they could take the wheel off the car and pull the wheel off and get the cat,” Lt. Sean Bokelman told WANE.

It’s unknown how the feline got stuck, or for how long. Bystander recordings and police body camera footage show officers working diligently to free the animal.

Restaurant employees nearby donated a basket for transport, and an officer took the injured cat to the nearby Avon Lake Animal Clinic, where he is recovering from a bruised leg.  The cat will then go to a foster home and await placement with a forever family.

Lady Freethinker applauds the quick-thinking civilians who sought help for the cat and the officers who went the extra mile to complete the rescue.