Injured and orphaned birds, beavers, and other wild animals in Manitoba now have a greater chance of survival, thanks to a new accredited wildlife hospital that opened last week, courtesy of Wildlife Haven.

The animal hospital is the first of its kind in the province, according to Wildlife Haven — and an upgrade.

Located southeast of Winnipeg, the new facility has a resident wildlife veterinarian, allowing for a broader range of in-house procedures, Wildlife Haven Executive Eirector Zoe Nakata told CBC.

In the past, treatment options were limited by regulations, as well as the size and nature of the building and equipment, Nakata said.

“As we were growing it became obvious that we were at the point where we needed to dedicate our resources to really establishing our own specialized veterinary hospital,” she explained.

The hospital will offer a wildlife vet internship position through a new partnership with the Ontario-based National Wildlife Centre, giving aspiring wildlife veterinarians a rare opportunity to work directly with wild animals.

Treating wildlife is very different from providing medical care to domesticated animals, and the availability of these specialized services is already paying off. Last week, a vet removed pellets from a red-tailed hawk’s wing after someone shot the bird, who would have died in the hospital’s absence, Nakata told Radio Noon.

In addition to expanding the array of in-house procedures, having a wildlife veterinarian means that more targeted antibiotics and other medications are available, making animals more comfortable and expediting their recovery time.

The vet will work with certified wildlife rehabilitation specialists to coordinate the best possible treatment plans for patients.

“We are so thrilled to share this moment with all of you and see this dream become a reality,” the new wildlife hospital posted on Facebook. “A new chapter has begun in Wildlife Haven’s story.”