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Investigation Exposes Extreme Cruelty at America’s Largest Egg Producer

Cal-Maine, the largest producer of chicken eggs in the United States, has been accused of horrific acts of animal cruelty at its egg farm in Lake Wales, Florida. An investigator working for Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) was hired by Cal-Maine for two months in late 2017. The worker took photos and videos documenting the inhumane living conditions of the birds inside the farm. The “battery” cages where the hens lived were covered in faeces and crawling with cockroaches, as well as countless wounded and dead chickens. One Cal-Maine employee has reportedly been fired after the undercover video and photos were...

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Switzerland Bans Boiling Lobsters Alive – Because It’s Animal Cruelty

The Swiss government has enacted a new law banning the practice of boiling lobsters alive. As of March 2018, any lobsters (or other crustaceans) prepared for a meal in Switzerland must be stunned or killed before they are boiled. The basis of this law is Switzerland’s official recognition that lobsters are sentient beings with the ability to experience pain, and that recognition is also going to change the way they’re transported. From now on, Lobsters can no longer can be packed in ice for transit and storage. Instead, they’ll be kept in a natural environment of salty water. Switzerland is...

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Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs Now Banned in 250 Places in the U.S.

The city of Poulsbo, Washington, has joined hundreds of other places in America that have banned the sale of puppy mill dogs and cats in pet stores. That brings the total number of towns, cities, counties and even states who now forbid the cruel practice to 250. Progress is happening! By banning the public sale of animals sourced from mass-breeding facilities, authorities hope to decrease the number of animals euthanized at shelters every year and reduce the problem of cruel conditions witnessed at puppy mills throughout the country. “By closing the markets for the sale of dogs from puppy mills,” The...

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Company Caught Drowning Live Pigeons Now Faces 25 Animal Cruelty Charges

Biological supply company Bio Corporation is facing 25 animal cruelty charges after being exposed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for unethical and illegal practices in their warehouse. Each of the 25 charges carries a fine of up to $1000. Based in Alexandria, Minnesota, the company obtains and sells the bodies of animals. The majority are destined for public school science classroom dissections. The evidence used to charge Bio Corp was secretly recorded by a representative of PETA, who went undercover as a worker within the company. The undercover employee obtained footage of entire crates of...

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Humpback Whale Protects Human Diver from Deadly Tiger Shark

Renowned marine biologist Nan Hauser had an incredible close encounter with a 25-ton humpback whale in October 2017. This experience happened while Hauser and her team were immersed in the sea near the Cook Islands on a dive in search of marine mammals. During the routine dive, the humpback whale approached Hauser. Over the next 10 minutes, the whale interacted with her: lifting her out of the ocean and attempting to tuck her under its pectoral fin. This was all caught on camera, both from her personal device and by the documentary filmmaker that was diving with her. Several times during...

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