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Four Baboons Escape Texas Research Lab

Four baboons, bred and held in captivity for research, experienced 30 minutes of freedom after they worked together to escape from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute this week. It took officials less than half an hour to retrieve three of the animals, and although they thought one remained free, staff later determined that the fourth animal had returned to the enclosure shortly after the escape. Following the incident, staff concluded that these intelligent primates had worked together to roll a 55-gallon barrel over to the fence of their enclosure, pushed it upright, and climbed out. Once out of the...

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Why Shelters Across the Nation Are Teaching Cats to ‘High Five’

Animal shelters across America are training their rescued cats to do tricks such as high fives and fist/paw bumps, in order to improve the cats’ lives and make them more attractive for adoption. Although learning tricks has traditionally been the domain of our canine friends, cat training is growing in popularity thanks to a program called Cat Pawsitive, launched by Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet. Cats who wind up in shelters are often fearful and traumatized, and even the most adaptive felines can find such a new environment highly stressful. The scene which...

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Cops Identify Missing Husky – by Playing His Favorite Song

A Siberian husky who went missing in Beer Sheva, Israel, was found by police in the town of Tel Sheva and identified as the correct dog after his guardian requested they play a tune from two of the dog’s favorite television shows. A group of teenagers spotted a malnourished, frightened husky matching the missing dog’s description in a field, nearly six miles from his home. Upon arrival to the scene, police contacted the worried owner and invited him to come and see if this was indeed his lost pup. In a cute twist, the dog’s guardian suggested that they...

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Dog Dies of Suffocation in Potato Chip Bag – Is Your Pet At Risk?

The dangers of used food packaging are in the spotlight after a much loved 5-month-old puppy died from suffocation after getting their head stuck in a potato chip bag last week. After discovering that their rescue dog had gone missing from the house, the worried  family in La Porte, Michigan, reported to local police that their dog was stolen. They checked local rescue centers, talked to neighbors and put out calls for help on social media. Sadly, they found the puppy deceased, in a room in the house that was seldom used. The dog had a discarded potato chip...

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America’s 2nd-Largest Puppy Mill State Has a Chance to Stop the Cruelty

Animal advocates in Ohio — America’s second-largest puppy mill state — are working hard to pass an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that will drastically improve the lives of dogs. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), along with a coalition of 15 animal welfare groups called Stop Puppy Mills Ohio, filed a ballot initiative petition with the Ohio Attorney General in December. Now, they need the support of Ohio voters to approve the new measure. In order to qualify for the November 2018 ballot, they need 400,000 signatures from registered voters in the state. “The most important thing anyone can...

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