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New 3D-Printed ‘Mini Organs’ Could Eliminate Cruel Animal Testing

For decades, scientists have used animal testing to prove whether or not a drug is safe for human consumption. But for Hans Clevers, a molecular geneticist, and a host of his colleagues, animal testing could be a practice of the past. Taking its place is the innovative technology of 3D mini organ testing. Mini organ testing involves creating itsy-bitsy replications of human organs, also known as 3D organoids, to use for drug testing and as an alternative way to study diseases. According to Clevers, “no one wanted to believe it.” In fact, it took more than half a decade...

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This City Has A New Investigation Division, Just for Animal Cruelty

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has just launched a new team, tasked exclusively with investigating cases of animal cruelty. Previously, these cases would have been sent out to a string of different parts of the DA’s office. Now, cases for abused and neglected animals now have a place of their own in the Animal Cruelty Program (ACP). “For many years, assistant district attorneys from different areas of my office have strongly investigated and prosecuted cases of animal abuse and cruelty,” DA Cy Vance Jr. said in a recent interview. By forming a single team, the Manhattan DA can “streamline” this...

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These Amazing Caterpillars Actually Eat Your Plastic Garbage

They range in color and size; some are hairy, others smooth. And with more than 20,000 variations of species and counting, it’s safe to say, these multi-legged herbivores are not leaving anytime soon. Caterpillars, also known by the scientific name larva, are more than just crop-eating invaders that can transform into flying insects. In fact, they could be the solution to conservationists’ concerns of plastic waste polluting bodies of water and the environment. Just ask the researchers at Cambridge University. Scientist Federica Bertocchini discovered this phenomenon after removing caterpillars that fed on beeswax and placing them in a plastic bag....

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Right Now, Climate Change is Affecting Your Health

Extreme temperatures, catastrophic weather events, and deadly droughts are a just few things that can occur when climate change pervades a geographical area. Ecosystems are affected, and human life is exposed to the aftermath. Gradual effects are associated with climate change. But these changes are closer than you think and are happening now in your state as you read this article. And as a result, coastlines are affected and your body is exposed to health risks. The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (MSCCH), reported which parts of the United States are currently affected by specific climate change...

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