Extreme temperatures, catastrophic weather events, and deadly droughts are a just few things that can occur when climate change pervades a geographical area. Ecosystems are affected, and human life is exposed to the aftermath.

Gradual effects are associated with climate change. But these changes are closer than you think and are happening now in your state as you read this article. And as a result, coastlines are affected and your body is exposed to health risks.

The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (MSCCH), reported which parts of the United States are currently affected by specific climate change consequences. The map below shows the results broken down geographically.

The Effects of Climate Change

MSCCH indicated “a recent survey showed that most Americans have not considered how global warming might affect people’s health, and few (32%) can name a specific way in which climate change is harming our health.”

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The report revealed extreme hot days for longer periods than in the past, the spread of diseases from region to region by way of insects, like mosquitoes, due to humid conditions; floods and hurricanes on the rise, destroying most things in their path; and air pollution that heightens allergies, affects breathing, and proliferates wildfires.

Preventative Measures

Unfortunately, climate change isn’t going away anytime soon. Being aware of how it can affect your body and taking preventative measures like the ones listed above can help alleviate health risks.