Victory! Germany is Closing Down Its Last Six Fur Farms

Victory! Germany is Closing Down Its Last Six Fur Farms

Beautiful, cunning, fierce, smart: just some of the words that come to mind when describing the nature of wild animals. For Germany’s six fur farms, the description of feral furry animals goes beyond their wild nature and focuses on the texture of their coat… until now.

Victory rolls in with the fog as German officials voted on a regulation that will eventually shut down the last six fur farms in their nation—a win that will save the lives of millions of animals and took nearly “20 years in the making,” according to PETA.

“[We have] lobbied for a fur farm ban and conducted several investigations, petitions, protests in front of mink farms, and celebrity anti-fur ad campaigns, all of which have finally led to the passing of this legislation,” said PETA.

The frightening fates of several million animals–including foxes, rabbits, chinchillas, bears, raccoons, beavers, lynxes, and (most popularly) minks–on a fur farm are electrocution, battery, gassing, and being skinned alive.

Germany’s six fur farms will be shut down after a five-year phase-out period due to stricter regulations that will be unfavorable for the farmers financially.

The regulatory accommodations for the animals on the farm will reportedly include one square meter of space per animal, a pool, climbing equipment and solid ground.

Is this enough to completely eradicate fur farms—especially if they are willing to meet the law’s demands? Not according to Vegan Food and Living. “The new law does not [advocate] banning fur farms completely… this means that fur-farms could still receive an operating license, as long as they are meeting the new legal welfare requirements,” the site reports in an update.

Germany is moving in a positive direction by inhibiting the last six standing fur farms from inhumanely killing animals for their fur; however, there are other parts of the world where fur farms are thriving. Thankfully, animal rights activists continue to fight every day for the safety of innocent animals.

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  1. Georgie

    I am very happy that Germany is closing down its last six fur farms. Poor innocent animals.

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  2. judy

    so glad this is happening. I wished all animal cruelty places would shut down.

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  3. kim

    Way to Go Germany! Show the world a great example!

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  4. Bruno F. Cilione

    That’s at least one GREAT POINT in your favor.

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  5. Bruno F. Cilione

    A STUPENDOUS POSITION that deserves to be Duplicated by other countries in their rise from Savagery.

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  6. bernard b. Elliott

    This is good news for animal lovers in Deutschland. The fight continues elsewhere.

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  7. Rita

    Yes the fight continues. Never give up for those that cant speak for themselves.

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  8. Cristina Lozer

    It has to be banned. Any kind of cruel act towards an animal, destroys character. Violence has no excuses. A person who is aggressive towards anything or anyone must not be part of society!! Please ban fur farms hunting and regulate meat and dairy farms. Pose strict rules. Please help countries to have animal police. It is Needed!!! Violence of any kind is a Crime….!!!

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  9. terry davis

    I hope this pertains to All animals that have bred, trapped for their fur

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  10. Greg

    I live in rural Ohio and mink farms are springing up everywhere due to Europe’s strict regulation.

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  11. eileen easton

    Fur Farms should shut down EVERYWHERE!!!!! But in Canada, Justin Trudeau would never shut down fur farms.
    He and his wife love to wear fur. They have a photo of themselves, smiling ear to ear, draped in coyote fur.
    He wears seal skin too. He need to resign!!! Our animals don’t have a hope with him as Prime Minister.

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  12. MS

    SHUT THEM ALL DOWN IN TOTALITY and QUICKLY — WHY the dragging of the feet! — we do not NEED fur farms — this racket is cruel & unconscionable, sadistic, immoral, merciless, shameful, insane & irrational — I’m surprised fur farms exist for any length of time — the buying market MUST be enlightened about the horrors of this brutal business!

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  13. Carla

    Such good news for animals!!!! Fur farms need to be shut down EVERYWHERE!!

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  14. linda

    like Bruno’s comment the closing of these fur farms is great news. It only takes one to start then hopefully others will follow suit. Good work done by lady freethinker and her team I applauded you.

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  15. Eileen easton

    I wish these fur farms could be shut down NOW ….. EVERYWHERE!!! Canada’s Trudeau loves fur, also seal skin.
    I can’t see him shutting these fur farms down. He doesn’t care about animal suffering at all.

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