New evidence reveals that UK  greyhounds are facing a horrific fate. Cruel trainers are selling them to China, where once the dogs' racing days end they are brutally tortured and killed for meat. They may be strung up, beaten and boiled alive, all in the name of profit.

According to dog rescuer Kerry Elliman -- who operates greyhound rescues in Birmingham and in Beijing -- this is a common practice. “Once greyhounds can no longer race, their meat is all they’re good for,” she told the Mirror.

An estimated 10 million dogs are cruelly killed for meat in China each year. The animals are stuffed crushingly tight into transport trucks, handled with metal tongs around their necks and then clubbed, sliced and burned alive in the mistaken belief that torturing them makes the meat taste better.

Sign this petition urging Prime Minister Theresa May to outlaw the export of greyhounds, and to put a stop to the highly abusive dog racing industry in the UK altogether. No more greyhounds must suffer this horrific fate.

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