Two starving, emaciated dogs were recently dropped off at a shelter in Genesee County, Michigan.

Every one of the dogs’ ribs were visible, and the poor animals were suffering immensely. When
police investigated the owner’s home, they found a third dog that had sadly died from starvation and
neglect. The other two dogs had begun eating the third dog because they had no other nourishment.

The dogs belonged to a woman suffering from heroin addiction, and the dogs would often go weeks
without eating. Sometimes, the woman’s boyfriend would toss a pizza into the basement where the
dogs were kept, but that was often all the food they would get.

The sheriff running the investigation, Robert J. Pickell, turned the case over to the Genesee County
Prosecutors Office, who are charging the couple with Animal Killing/Torture.

We thank Sheriff Pickell for taking animal abuse cases seriously. But now, it is imperative that the courts treat this case with the severity it deserves.

Sign this petition to urge Genesee County prosecutors to ensure the sentence fits the crime -- and most importantly, to enact a lifetime ban on both of these individuals from ever having an animal again, so no more dogs suffer this horrible fate.

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