When Brisco, the family dog, wandered into another yard, the neighbor seemingly decided it was time for revenge -- so he went inside, got a .22-caliber rifle, and proceeded to shoot at Brisco at least 10 times, according to the police report. When the dog tried to run away, the man "continued following and shooting as [Brisco] limped away severely injured."

The dog belonged to Stacie Childs of Dade City, Florida -- and Stacie's children were outside playing on the lawn as their beloved dog was shot over and over.

The gunfire caused "traumatic injuries that nearly killed [Brisco]," but amazingly, the dog survived.

Shooter Terry Lee Parrish, apparently inebriated, first told police that Brisco had tried to attack him. But others reported that the dog was not acting aggressively -- and later, Parrish admitted that he never actually felt threatened. A vet's report confirmed that there was likely no attack by the dog.

Parrish now faces charges, and it is imperative that the court treat this case with the severity it deserves. Shooting an innocent animal is a serious offense, and Brisco -- as well as the children playing in the yard -- could have easily died that day.

Sign this petition to urge the Pasco County attorney to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, and make it clear that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated.

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