When police arrived at a "foul and disgusting" home in Clinton, Iowa on February 21, they found eight pit bulls covered in wounds, blood and feces. Blood smears covered the walls. And sadly, police found the remains of a ninth dog, who had died and been thrown into the trash.

The homeowners are suspected of breeding and selling the dogs in these horrendous conditions. One neighbor reported seeing multiple people going into the home and returning with puppies.

The surviving dogs were removed from the property and are now in the care of the Clinton Humane Society. But due to their extensive injuries, infections and severe psychological trauma, they will need weeks or months of recovery.

Two people have been charged so far, and it is imperative that the court treats this case with the severity it deserves. Sign this petition urging the Clinton County attorney to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, and call for a lifetime ban on the perpetrators ever having an animal again.

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