Rocky, a helpless puppy just 3 months old, was found maimed and distraught, with both ears cut off to the scalp. The poor dog was discovered when a resident heard him crying in their yard, and went out to see where the pained sounds were coming from.

Rocky was tortured by a deranged individual who is still walking free, a threat to both humans and animals. It is imperative that law enforcement make it a top priority to find this innocent puppy's attacker.

Veterinarians still fear the risk of infection, but miraculously, Rocky has retained hearing in both of his ears and is now in foster care after receiving treatment from Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. We are happy that Rocky will likely get to live a normal life -- but his assailant must be found and held accountable.

Sign this petition urging the Oklahoma City Sheriff's Office to find and prosecute whoever mutilated Rocky, and ensure that they are never allowed to have an animal for the rest of their life.

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