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VIDEO: Sick Baby Fox Found in Middle of Road Nursed to Health Thanks to Kind Rescuers

Shortly before St. Patrick’s Day, a baby fox was discovered in the middle of a busy road on the southwest side of Milwaukee. He’d likely been abandoned by a distressed mother and suffered from hypothermia, dehydration, mange, and an upper respiratory infection. The three-and-a-half-week old kit was too young to walk, and still had poor eyesight when he was found. However, things are looking up for the fox, who’s been named Clover because he was found so close to St. Patrick’s Day. He’s in good hands at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Since his rescue, Clover’s eyesight has improved,...

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VIDEO: Woman Quits Her Day Job to Foster Kittens Full Time

Fostering kittens is hard work — and nobody knows that better than Chrissy Morris, who dedicated her home to caring for rescued cats from her local shelter. But it’s also a dream job. That’s one reason Chrissy quit her day job to care for these cats in need. And while the adorable felines with their “kitten emergencies” can be a handful, she says that nothing else could make her so happy. Thank you, Chrissy, for saving these kitties and giving them the loving care they so desperately...

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VIDEO: Rescued Orphan Elephant Conquers Fear of Water, Thanks to Caring Human

When Mayo the elephant was just a few days old, he nearly drowned. The near-death experience caused him to develop a strong phobia of water. Roxy Danckwerts, founder of Wild is Life animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe, was determined to help Mayo overcome this fear. After 14 months of therapy, Roxy decided to find out if Mayo was ready to go back into the water. Her goal was to “retrain” him to think of going into the water as a fun activity, even if he’ll never forget his traumatic experience. At first, Mayo was hesitant to follow Roxy into the...

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Video: Rescued Elephant With Deformed Foot Will Never Have to Give Tourist Rides Again

Mee Chai never had the chance at the life of a free elephant. But after 37 years of being forced to work in the logging and tourist industries, she was rescued last week by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT). Mee Chai will live out her life at an elephant sanctuary, free of chains forever. The beginning of life for a working elephant like Mee Chai is literal torture. They are taken as babies and forced to undergo beatings, starvation, chains, and sometimes being burned by fire. This is done to break their spirit and contort the minds and bodies of...

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VIDEO: This Handsome Rescue Cat Runs His Own Hotel

 The Algonquin Hotel in New York City has a long-standing tradition of “employing” a resident cat known as “The Algonquin Cat.” The unique tradition dates back to the 1930’s, when the hotel took in a stray cat named Billy who wandered into the lobby. Since then, the hotel has had seven Hamlets and three Matildas. All of the Hamlets at the Algonquin have been orange tabbies, and all of the Matildas have been ragdolls. The current cat in residence is an orange tabby named — surprise! — Hamlet. He’s the eighth of his namesake and the eleventh Algonquin Cat....

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VIDEO: Rescue Warthog Loves Destroying Furniture – But Who Can Get Mad at a Face Like That?

There’s never a dull moment at the Wild is Life animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe. Run by Roxy and Craig Danckwerts, the rescue rehabilitates a variety of sick, injured, and abandoned animals. Some of the sanctuary’s animals have become long-term residents. Craig has a soft spot for one such animal – an orphaned wildebeest named Noodle, who arrived at the sanctuary at the age of six months. None of the rescue’s residents stir up commotion quite like one-year-old Pickles the warthog, who loves getting her tummy scratched and destroying furniture! Pickles arrived as an injured orphan and became part of the family because she...

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VIDEO: Stray Kitten Roams into Yard to Find Food — Then His Life Changes Forever

When a kitten was spotted searching for food outdoors in Jackson County, WV, just weeks before Christmas, rescuers from Operation Fancy Free knew they had to act fast. They set traps in hopes of catching the tiny fuzzball before temperatures dropped dangerously low. Once they caught the kitten, they took him to the vet. Much to his relief, they shaved off his matted and knotted fur. The kitten, named Sid, was initially very shy around humans due to his limited contact with them – he’d most likely spent his entire life as a stray prior to being rescued. His...

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VIDEO: 3-Legged Dog Used for Breeding at Cruel Puppy Mill Finally Has a Name

When a puppy mill owner brought a dog with no name into a veterinary office in Ohio to be euthanized, the ailing pup instead landed in the hands of guardian angels. Used for breeding, she had an infection on her leg that had been left to fester. Vets convinced the puppy mill owner to surrender the nameless dog. Although the infection required the amputation of her leg, the sweet girl’s rescuers saved her life. After the surgery, she was taken in by Debbie and Jay Zwitzer, who own and run New2U Rescue in Rochester, NY. The Zwitzers took to...

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