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VIDEO: Drowning Piglet Saved After Falling into Deep Well

When a piglet was discovered trapped in a well and struggling to swim, rescuers rushed to the scene. The piglet, who was trying desperately to hold his head above water, had already started to drown when they arrived. With time of the essence, one of the heroic helpers rushed down into the watery pit in an effort to save the piglet’s life. Once in the well, the rescuer swam to the piglet and picked him up out of the water. Other workers then pulled the rescuer and the piglet up out of danger and drove the piglet home —...

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VIDEO: Woman Hears ‘Chirps’ Coming from Dumpster, Finds Tiny Orphaned Kitten

Jennifer and Jim Yovino were walking together in downtown Fresno when they heard cries for help coming from the direction of a nearby dumpster, located in an alley behind a locked metal gate. People nearby came to help, bringing tools to pry the gate open. Once the gate was opened, they were able to pull the kitten out and place him in the couple’s arms. Jennifer and Jim wrapped the precious kitty in a t-shirt and held him close to comfort him. Their soothing touch soon had the kitten, whom they named Fulton, purring with contentment. Fulton was taken in by  The Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, California. He was soon placed in a foster home, where he can play and cuddle with other kittens as he awaits his forever...

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VIDEO: The Last Known ‘Dancing Bears’ of Nepal Have Just Been Rescued

  In a major victory for animal rights, the last two known illegal dancing bears in Nepal were recently rescued, effectively ending the practice in that country. After a lengthy effort by the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal, World Animal Protection, and local law enforcement, the sloth bears — named Rangila and Sridevi — were taken from their owners and relocated to a wildlife sanctuary for treatment. They were found by tracking their owners’ cell phones. The cruel practice of ‘dancing bears’ involves piercing the noses of poached bears using hot rods and placing a chain or rope through the hole for...

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VIDEO: Bears Rescued from Cruel Bile Farms Love Opening Their Christmas Presents

The bears in this video may seem healthy and happy, but this wasn’t always the case. After being removed from bear bile farms in China and Vietnam, they were brought to sanctuaries. Thanks to their rescuers, the bears now live in safe and sanitary conditions. They can be seen excitedly opening Christmas gifts and receiving festive treats from their compassionate caretakers. Commercial farming for the purposes of extracting bile from the gallbladders of bears began in China during the ’80s. The bile is used in traditional Chinese medicine, despite the existence of synthetic alternatives. Bears on these farms are...

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VIDEO: Christmas the Dog Was Once Near Death – Now, He’s Having the Happiest Holidays Ever

Rescue workers from PETA Asia discovered a litter of puppies in a disadvantaged neighborhood in the Philippines. Gathering up the litter for treatment, they realized that for one pup, the outlook was particularly grim. The dog, who was later named Christmas, was covered in lice and had open sores on his back. Some of his wounds were even infested with maggots. Workers thoroughly flushed his sores and provided the puppy with a much-needed bath and plenty of rest. Thanks to their tireless and heroic efforts, Christmas made a full recovery and has grown into a happy, healthy dog! He’s...

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VIDEO: Patrick Stewart Fosters a Pit Bull – And Falls in Love

[youtube]   British actor Sir Patrick Stewart was in for a pleasant surprise when he decided to foster a pit bull for the first time. The moment he was introduced to Ginger, she showed him how affectionate and gentle of a companion she is. Stewart can be heard thanking the pup when she approaches him and immediately offers cuddles and kisses. Stewart quickly fell in love with the “60-pound lap dog.” Unfortunately, he and his wife were unable to adopt Ginger. They live in the UK for part of the year, where ownership of pit bulls is banned by...

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VIDEO: Heroic ‘Monkey Man’ Feeds 100 Primates Every Day

[youtube] Seventy-nine-year-old Shyam Sadhu of India has been feeding almost 100 monkeys per day for the past 40 years. He feels a calling to help animals, especially monkeys, which are considered descendants of the Hindu god Hanuman. Sadhu doesn’t get paid for his work. When he first began feeding the monkeys, his wife disapproved. To keep his activity a secret, he stole bread to feed to them. However, his wife eventually grew to see his activity as “a noble deed” and now assists with the daily feeding. In addition to receiving his wife’s help, Sadhu receives donations from supporters....

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VIDEO: Woman Finds Bird Frozen Solid, Saves Its Life With Blow Dryer

  One frigid winter day, a woman discovered a frozen bird in her yard while outside with her Yorkie.  As she approached to see what was wrong, the concerned woman discouraged her curious dog, Lily, from getting too close to the ailing bird. Admittedly not knowing what to do but afraid for the bird’s life, the woman first covered it with a blanket. Next, she used her blow dryer to provide much-needed warmth. At first, the bird continued to appear lifeless. Slowly, however, it began to shiver and regain its mobility. With the help of the blow dryer’s heat,...

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