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VIDEO: Meet the Rescue Tiger Who Really, Really Loves to Paint

  Doc, a 550 lb tiger, is getting in touch with his artistic side at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA. Noah’s Ark, a non-profit organization, shelters over 1,500 previously neglected, abused, and unwanted animals. In addition to providing the rescued animals with food, shelter and love, the sanctuary also offers enrichment activities designed to help mental health – including access to non-toxic children’s paint. Painting benefits animals both physically and psychologically. In this video, Doc, who is known for his playful personality, can be seen perfecting his latest masterpiece by rubbing his face and head against the canvas! Other artists...

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VIDEO: Noel the Yorkie May Have Lost Her Front Legs, But She Refuses to Slow Down

 Noel the dog’s life hung in the balance after she was hit by a car and suffered over a dozen breaks in her front legs. She was also going into shock. Rescuers from Marley’s Mutts in Bakersfield, California were faced with a tough decision: have the pup euthanized or allow vets to amputate her two front legs. They weren’t ready to give up on her, so they opted for the latter, despite some veterinarians feeling reluctant to perform the procedure because they thought euthanasia was the best option. According to Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts, many thought...

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VIDEO: How an Earless Cat Helped One Woman Overcome Her Anxiety

After having his ears removed due to cysts, 9-and-a-half year-old Otitis became deaf. His previous owner surrendered him to a shelter after the surgery, where he became lonely. Luckily, Otitis caught the eye of a woman named Molly Lichtenwalner. Molly, who suffers from anxiety due to a car accident, adopted the kitty. He comforts her during panic attacks and when she’s stressed. The two are inseparable! Molly specifically sought an adult cat with special needs, and Otitis was the perfect match for her. He’s an affectionate companion who constantly cuddles his human companion. In fact, Molly states that sometimes,...

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VIDEO: Cat Abandoned for Having No Front Legs Now Has the Best Life

[youtube]   Roux the cat was born with only two fully-formed legs. Although her hind legs developed normally in the womb, Roux’s front legs are “nubs” whose development was halted by a genetic defect. Her first owners gave her up when they realized she was unable to bury her waste in her litter box. Fortunately, vet clinic worker Jackie Deak Akey fell in love with Roux, and adopted her the moment she saw her! Roux, who is healthy aside from her congenital defects, has adapted to her unique condition and engages in the same daily activities as any other...

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VIDEO: Kind Heroes Rip Up Sidewalk to Save Trapped Pregnant Dog

  A broken piece of sidewalk was patched up before anyone knew there was a pregnant dog trapped underneath. The dog had crawled under the bricks before the opening was repaired. When concerned citizens realized she was stuck helplessly beneath the concrete, they tried to get help from the local rescue agency but were unsuccessful. The heroes decided to take matters into their own hands and rescue the dog themselves. After the necessary bricks had been removed, reopening the hole the dog had entered through, the rescuers were still unable to see her. That’s when the man who’d removed...

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VIDEO: Sailors Rescue Drowning Squirrel Struggling Desperately in the Water

When a group of sailors discovered a drowning squirrel stranded in a large lake, they sprung into action to save him. But the squirrel was too exhausted to grab onto a stick that the crew extended into the water in an attempt to help. At a lack for other options, one of the men jumped into the water and swam to the distressed critter, giving him a much-needed break from treading water. The rescuer kept the cold, tired squirrel dry as he swam back to the boat, where the relieved animal was able to relax and dry off in the...

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VIDEO: Senior Shelter Cats Visit Nursing Homes to Share Joy and Cuddles

Thanks to the Ohio Alleycat Resource shelter, old cats are making new friends. A feline socialization program brings together senior shelter cats, older than 7 years, with residents of local nursing homes in the Cincinnati, OH area. Many of the elderly residents are unable to keep permanent pets, and they treasure the opportunity to snuggle with a calm senior cat. During the cats’ visits, the residents enjoy having their photos taken with the kitties and telling stories of other animals they have known. The visits are not just for the residents, however: the senior cats, who mainly enjoy eating,...

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VIDEO: Dog and Beloved Stuffed Elephant Find Loving Foster Home Together

[youtube] Like many pets, Smokey the rescue dog has a favorite toy – a stuffed elephant he goes nowhere without. When Smokey’s owners lost their home, they sadly had to give up their beloved dog, and dropped him off at an Ohio shelter on Valentine’s Day. There, shelter workers posted a sign outside his kennel stating a key contingency for prospective pet parents – Smokey’s stuffed elephant must be adopted with him! Shelter life was very depressing for Smokey. Luckily, he caught the attention of I Have A Dream Rescue, who found a foster home for Smokey and...

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