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VIDEO: Stray Dog Crashes Wedding, Gives the Best Wedding Gift Ever

Matheus and Marília of Sao Paulo, Brazil had a beautiful outdoor wedding. Because it rained that day, the ceremony had to take place under a tent. But that did not stop the festivities, enjoyed by their human guests as well as one wedding crasher — a stray dog who snuck in to get out of the rain. The happy couple were not about to kick an innocent dog out of their joyous event, so they let him stay — and even decided they would take him home afterward. But by the end of the wedding, the mysterious dog had vanished. The couple searched everywhere for the canine wedding crasher, with no luck. But a week later, they heard the pup had been spotted nearby. They rushed over to reunite with the dog, who is now named Snoop and is a beloved member of the family. Who could have asked for a better wedding gift than...

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VIDEO: Cat ‘Bodyguard’ Waits with His Best Friend for the School Bus Every Day

Putting to rest any questions about feline loyalty, Fish the cat gets up every morning to wait for the school bus with his human best friend, making sure the boy makes it on board safe and sound. No matter if it’s raining, snowing or blistery hot, Fish stands sentry until the bus picks the boy up, never taking so much as a day off. Only after Fish knows the boy is on his way to school will the protective kitty make his way back inside the door of their home....

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After Decades of Effort, Sea Turtles Are Making a Comeback

Conservation efforts that began in the 1950s are finally paying off. Sea turtles are making a comeback according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances. “These findings provide an important message for local conservation efforts, showing that they can be and are being effective for different species globally,” wrote one of the study’s authors, ecologist Antonios D. Mazaris and his colleagues. Sea Turtle Populations Increase Globally Estimating sea turtle populations can be tricky. They travel large distances when they migrate, and male sea turtles don’t come to shore. To figure out how sea turtles are doing, the study’s authors...

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Good News: Chicago’s puppy mill ban has been upheld in court!

Chicago animal lovers received good news on Thursday when 7th circuit court judges upheld a 2014 city ordinance banning pet stores from selling dogs, cats, and bunnies that come from puppy mills. Puppy mill ordinance gives rescue animals a better chance to live and find a family The “puppy mill” ordinance requires all pet stores in Chicago to only sell dogs, cats, and rabbits that have been rescued. By preventing stores from selling pets that come from mills and large breeders, the ordinance aimed to address several major animal welfare issues. 1. Stop pet buyers from “unwittingly” supporting cruel...

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UPDATE: Dog Abandoned on Roadside, Tangled in Chain, Now Has Loving Home

In August, a man was caught on camera abandoning a dog on the side of the road just outside of Dallas, Texas. As LFT reported, he was the first arrest after secret video surveillance was installed by officials at the popular dog-dumping site — and thanks to this initiative, justice is being served to the man responsible for the cruelty. The helpless dog, named KD, was found nine hours after being dumped; the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission immediately took her to a Dallas shelter. A month later, KD has settled into a forever home with Reagan Henderson and Zachary San Roman,...

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Preschool Inside Retirement Home Brings Joy To Kids And Seniors Alike

How can we brighten up the lives of people living in nursing homes? The Providence Mount St. Vincent elderly care facility in Seattle opened a preschool in their building to create a greater sense of community – and the results have been phenomenal. For the children, it’s like having dozens of adoring grandparents. The senior citizens light up when the adorable young faces arrive. They share their wisdom and play with the children, cherishing visits from the surrogate grandkids. Administrator Charlene Boyd explains, “We wanted to create a place for people to come live, not come to die.” When the children visit,...

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New Baby Rhino Spotted – A Symbol of Hope For a Species Ravaged by Poachers 

A new baby rhino is igniting optimism for the future of the species’ dwindling population. As the baby strolls along next to mother Jamuna, we remain hopeful that the rhino population has a chance of recovery. Jamuna was rescued from Kaziranga National Park when she was just a calf, and taken to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation. The conservation, run by the Wildlife Trust of India/International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Assam Forest Department, focuses on giving the care essential to orphaned or injured wild animals. After being raised at the centre, Jamuna was then transported in...

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