Copenhagen Fashion Week has introduced new sustainability requirements for the upcoming fashion season that are good news for animals and the planet – collections featuring animal skins and feathers are banned

Fashion designers will not be eligible to be featured in Copenhagen’s Fashion Week show next year if they include these materials, according to the Business of Fashion

This new rule affirms that fur and other materials made from animals are cruel — not fashionable. 

Animals killed for fashion experience heinous abuse such as being skinned alive or being held captive in filthy, cramped cages.

With this ban on fur, feathers, and other animal products, Copenhagen is decreasing demand for products that kill animals.

Lady Freethinker applauds Copenhagen Fashion Week for taking a stance against animal cruelty and banning products that cause foxes, birds, alligators, pythons, and other animals to suffer.

Copenhagen Fashion Week’s ban on animal skins and materials is a step towards a more sustainable future and could inspire other retailers and brands to do the same. 

Since 2020, Copenhagen Fashion Week has upheld a Sustainability Action Plan to enforce environmental and animal-friendly policies. 

Furs and other animal products are damaging to the environment as farming animals for their fur contributes to climate change and pollution. The chemicals used to process the materials are also problematic. With so many sustainable and fashionable plant-based fabrics, there is no need to kill animals for their skin, fur, or feathers.  

Take action for animals today: Sign our petition calling on retailers in the U.S. to stop selling fur to push the U.S. to take a stance against the cruel fur industry.