A stray kitten found wandering on the steps of Wisconsin’s Belleville Police Department has also found his way into officers’ hearts, becoming the small department’s eighth official member.

“Lieutenant Jax” has sworn to serve and protect, and that is exactly what he’s doing – providing needed comfort both to his fellow officers and the community members who visit.

“He’s very intuitive,” clerk Nicole Coyne told Spectrum News. “I know when I’ve had a bad day, he will stick either on you or close by you.”

Police Chief Bill Eihelkraut has even set up a special spot on his desk just for Lt. Jax, where he likes to watch bird videos and nap while Eihelkrout works.

Just as importantly, the department feline watches for visitors with those big baby blues, greets members of the public, and helps lighten their spirits.

To keep the community informed about his “impawtant” role, Lt. Jax even has his own Facebook page.

After he turns one-year-old, Lt. Jax may also join his fellow officers participating in school and other community events, according to WMTV.

Lady Freethinker applauds the Belleville Police Department for caring for this special feline and commends Lt. Jax for doing a purr-fect job.

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