Smoky, a brave puppy who sustained serious injuries from an Oregon house fire, has found his forever home with a loving firefighter and his family.

Smoky’s severe burns affected a large portion of the skin on his back, as well as his face and paws. Some areas were so badly scorched they “felt like plastic,” according to a South Coast Humane Society Facebook post

Smoky’s wounds required constant care – including “multiple cold baths, applying medicated salve, wound management, skin removal, and lots of love!” according to the South Coast Humane Society.   

After learning about Smoky’s plight, a firefighter and his wife traveled from their home more than 100 miles away to meet the sweet pup. The couple continued to consistently visit Smoky for the first few weeks of his recovery until the rescue felt certain the pup had healed enough to not risk infection. Then they adopted Smokey and whisked him away to his forever home.  

Not only did Smoky gain a new family, he gained a new calling: Smoky now will now help teach fire safety with his firefighter guardian in “stop, drop, and roll” programs for children at local schools. 

Lady Freethinker celebrates the South Coast Humane Society and Smoky’s new family for giving this pup a loving home and a new purpose. 

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