A terrified orange tabby was rescued from the middle of a high-traffic expressway in Brownsville, Texas by a compassionate Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) employee who noticed the cat in need, a TxDOT Public Information Officer told Lady Freethinker.

Oscar Pantoja De la Garza — a newly-hired TxDOT employee — spotted the frightened feline stranded in the middle of I-69E. The cat was desperately clinging to a concrete median sign base and unable to cross the road.

Cars were rushing by and the sweet cat appeared in urgent need of help.

Braving traffic, De La Garza hurried to the cat and managed to bring the tabby to safety.

The cat’s relief at being rescued was clear as the tabby relaxed into the arms of one of the rescuers.

(L) Stranded Cat; (R) Cat After Rescue (Courtesy of TxDOT)

De la Garza then found a local rescue to foster the feline until the cat found a safe and loving forever home.

Lady Freethinker applauds De la Garza for going the extra mile to bring this sweet tabby to safety.