Four stray kittens found bundled up in a hose bed at a fire station in South Carolina are now in safe hands at a nearby animal shelter. 

The four siblings were found together with their eyes still closed — indicating they were newborns and likely only a few days old. 

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach Fire Department (MBFD) happened to find the kittens in the hose bed of a firetruck while they were doing a “routine equipment check,” according to MBFD

kittens in hose

Newborn Kittens Found in Hose Bed (Courtesy of Myrtle Beach Fire Department)

The kittens were gently removed from their makeshift bed in the firetruck. Photos show the kittens safely nestled in a box with linens and the fire department appeared happy to help take the kittens to a local shelter to be properly cared for.

While this cute quartet receives much-needed care, the members of MBFD are reportedly keeping their eyes open for the kittens’ mother.  

Lady Freethinker commends the fast work of the firefighters for rescuing the kittens and the animal shelter that took them in to give them the care they need. 

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