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Beastie Boy ‘Ad-Rock’ is Selling Vegan Shoes to benefit Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood just celebrated its 100th year.  During that time, they have established themselves as a trusted healthcare provider, a go-to resource for information/answers and a constant and strong advocate for women. Many celebrities have supported the organization’s profound efforts, and if he wasn’t on that list before, Adam Horovitz (better known as Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys) can now be added. Ad-Rock has teamed up with a cruelty-free shoe business to design a warm shoe with a big purpose. “Winter’s cold and I couldn’t find a warm sneaker to walk around in,” Horovitz said in a statement. “Given...

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Monkey Brothers Enslaved on Hotel Rooftop Finally Know what Freedom Feels Like

Assanee and Wasan, two primate brothers, were recently turned over to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.  It’s the best possible ending to their years of misery up until this point. WFFT explains that a Thailand hotel paid 8000 THB ($230 USD) for each Northern pigtail macaque when they were just babies, leading most to believe the siblings were torn from their forest home after likely witnessing their mother’s murder (much like this rhesus macaque we reported on in July).  While most of these orphans are sold to be kept as as pets or used in tourist attractions, circus acts or...

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‘Orca-Friendly’ Labelling has Arrived at the Hardware Store

Another step in the right direction. Randy Burgess, owner of two Ace Hardware stores in Washington’s “Orca Country” is doing his part to raise awareness for marine life.  Randy has partnered with the Pacific Whale Watch Association to label certain cleaning and garden products “orca-friendly.” “We’ve always carried a wide range of green products, but now our customers will see a ‘superpod’ of Ace’s biodegradable lawn, garden and cleaning products, all approved by PWWA as non-toxic to marine life, all very easy to find,” said Burgess. “We’re very excited about this partnership.” The new label gives consumers a choice,...

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Rescued Veal Calf and Abandoned Puppy are Inseparable

You wouldn’t expect a puppy and a baby cow to be BFFs, but that’s exactly what Bernie and Sri Ram are.  The chances of these two Colombian animals ever meeting were practically non-existent to begin with, though. Sri Ram had only a grim, probably short, existence to look forward to — and Bernie, a horribly torturous, confined life of only a few months after which he would be slaughtered and sold as veal. Leave it to Juliana Castañeda Turner, the founder of South America’s only no-kill and vegan animal shelter, to volunteer to take four abandoned puppies in need of a home. ...

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Italy Proposes Jailing Parents of Vegan Children

Just a few weeks ago, Lady Freethinker reported that the first ever vegetarian city might be an Italian one.  So imagine our shock when we heard that Italy might also be the first place on earth to impose jail time for parents feeding their children a vegan diet. The bill was submitted by the conservative Forza Italia party and has been dubbed the Savino law.  Its namesake, parliamentarian Elvira Savino, has a lot to say in its support.  During an interview with Reuters, Savino explains, “I have nothing against vegans or veganism as long as it is a free choice...

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