It’s impossible to know what horrors these two stray puppies encountered on the streets of China.  One thing is certain though – they made it together and they found the perfect home.  Since being rescued by Buddhist nuns, they’ve been unable to stop hugging each other, according to The Daily Mail. Maybe they hug for comfort, or maybe it’s out of sheer joy that they just can’t believe their luck!

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And luck definitely came into play.  These two little beings could have easily ended up as someone’s dinner.  This video shows the brutality of China’s dog meat trade, which slaughters many dogs that have been stolen or picked up from the streets.

The threat of being eaten or starving to death are no longer concerns for these two canine friends. Their daily lives now consist of safety, friendship, food and tons of meditation and hugs.

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We couldn’t be happier for these newly converted Buddhist puppies.  Yet, it’s impossible to forget the millions of others who aren’t as fortunate.  In the U.S. alone, millions of shelter animals are killed yearly due to overpopulation.  The only solution to the massacre is to make more mindful, deliberate choices.

Spaying and neutering our own pets to decrease unwanted and homeless animals is the first step.  One other big help is to always, always adopt.  Purchasing animals from breeders and pet stores only increases the demand and perpetuation of seeing sentient beings as objects for sale; essentially adorable little money-makers instead of the complex, emotion-filled, beings they are.

Every choice we make adds to the problem or becomes a part of the solution.  What choices are you making?